the CDU, the debate around the UN-migration Pact. Leading CDU politicians have defended the agreement against criticism within the Union. The Chairman of the foreign Affairs Committee in the Bundestag, Norbert Röttgen (CDU), told the Bild newspaper that would be weakness postpone the signing of the migration Pact, if necessary, to a “double guide” that should not allow Germany.

“first, we must organize our political processes so that we can act politically and not Vice versa”, said Röttgen. “Secondly, this Covenant is an enormously important first step for the international community to control Migration. This is our national interest.”

The CDU Vice and baden-württemberg’s Minister of the interior Thomas Strobl, warned in the newspaper Bild: “We should not allow ourselves to be populist hysteria from the Right, not crazy.” He was to advertise for the migration Pact “and absolutely against it, that we do out of fear of misleading AfD campaign is also only a partial withdrawal.”

Deputy group chief Stephan Harbarth (CDU), said the Heidelberg Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung: “There is no reason to change the planned timetable for the UN-migration Pact. The German Bundestag will adopt at the end of November, a request, by the he is positioned clearly and to the Federal government back to cover.”

the Federal health Minister Jens Spahn, had demanded the CDU Federal vote Congress about dealing with the controversial UN refugee Pact. He proposed to move the signing if necessary. The Congress will take place on 7. and 8. December, the UN Pact to actually 10 am. and 11. December will be officially adopted.

About the UN-migration Pact has flared up in recent weeks, a fierce debate. The Chairman of the Bundestag Committee for economic cooperation and development, Peter Ramsauer (CSU), criticized the Text in the newspaper, The world in focus. “Through the entire document to a position that Migration as something Normal and even Desirable,” he said. “This opens the flow of refugees to Europe and to Germany in the door.” Such an agreement he could not “support”.

The legal governments run the EU States of Austria, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic moved away from the jointly-negotiated Pact. The legally non-binding Agreement to the worldwide Standards in dealing with labour migrants and refugees and in December in Morocco adopted.

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