Saxony-Anhalt’s CDU has been against the migration Pact of the United Nations and against the opinion of the Chancellor. A majority of the delegates voted at the party Congress in Röblingen am see to call on the Federal government’s rejection of the Pact. With the German signature under the contract, the risk to be forced to do so, “the doors unconditionally open insist,” said the member of the state Parliament Lars-Jörn room for the justification of the request.

among the proponents of the application of the newly-elected country Manager Holger Stahlknecht and Secretary General Sven Schulze. Stahlknecht, the interior Minister in the CDU-led state government, spoke of a “yellow card for the Federal government”. The Pact was, for years, been under the Radar of the Public is negotiated. Neither the CDU nor the population could have this position: “For me personally, the Covenant is no Problem with the content, but I have a Problem with the communication. For other in my party, it is also a substantive Problem, because the Pact has not been declared.”

by The UN member States adopted the Pact should help to organize the escape and Migration better. It is the first agreement of this kind, and is regarded as a milestone of the migration policy of the United Nations. The legally non-binding document aims to meet at a summit on 10. and 11. December in Morocco. The United States, Austria, Hungary, Australia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Estonia have declared not to want to sign the Pact. In Germany, negative criticism of the migration Pact, especially that of the AfD.

“incitement potential” of the Pact underestimated

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), defended the agreement. In the debate, therefore, lies would be set “in the world”. Do not let yourself be “of those who spread incitement and hatred, the agenda set”. The sovereignty of the signatories will not in any way affect, the Chancellor stressed: “Everyone has the right to make its laws.” The meaning of the Pact is to reduce the pressure for Migration.

the head of The Department of Migration in the Federal Ministry of the interior, Ulrich Weinbrenner, acknowledged a lack of communication of the Ministry of the Pact. The “agitation of the potential” of the Pact had been underestimated. It’s recognized that he’s going to be politically instrumentalized by right-wing populists.

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