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The feeling of security in your own four walls flew away with the letter box in the air. An unknown person had placed a small explosive device, directly to the home of Steffi Brachtel in Freital, at the time, in the summer of 2015. The Explosion, Brachtel describes it today, was huge.

no one was Injured in the incident in the suburbs of Dresden, to the waitress nothing was still the same. “I haven’t slept for a while at home,” says the 43-Year-old. The fear of another attack, perhaps this time with a heavier gun, was too big. And she was quite entitled to do.

The “group Freital”, on whose account the letter box-stroke is suspected, terrorized their political opponents for months, with improvised explosive devices. The right-wing terrorists destroyed the car of a Left-city Council, the window of refugee apartments. “At the time, I had the idea to leave Freital”, says Steffi Brachtel.

Who stopped them?

in Front of all your closest friends, says Brachtel. She knows most of them only in the past few years: The events in Freital, where the influx of a few Hundred asylum seekers in 2015, led to protests and Attacks that have divided the city into two camps. The crack goes through families, clubs, circles of friends.

you have received threats and a price

you have now completely other friends than four years ago, says Brachtel. “With some, I wanted to be friends, others wanted to have no more contact with me.” That sounds sad, but the native Freitalerin see a lot of advantages: she is Mature, have expanded their horizons and met the most wonderful people.

the Other couldn’t take it anymore at some point. Michael Richter, Left-wing politician and long-time city Council, moved because of the intimidation a few months ago to Bavaria. “We were able to understand his decision,” says Brachtel, “but of course it is sad that people have to leave their place of residence, because they stand up for basic values.”

victims of right-wing Attacks refugee worker in Freital woman Brachtel is motivated knife attack on the mayor Mr. Hollstein politicians scared in law rock, the stronghold of Mr Evil is clueless artist in the “Nazi village” Ms. Lohmeyer is a resigned “Useless refugee” Mr Hashish is not even wool to consciously Give up

nevertheless, even though you live in constant fear for her son Nico, who is also an advocate for immigrants and human rights. If you warn in Freital in front of right-wing violence, not to be taken seriously. But she does not want to be discouraged: “We need to be patient,” says Brachtel: “We continue to make the mouth.”

If Brachtel told, it looks self-confident and strong – maybe because it has a lot of support: In November 2016, the Federal government awarded them because of their involvement in Freital with the civil courage prize. An important Signal, without a doubt, but the hatred has not disappeared, therefore – not from Freital, and not from Steffi Brachtels life.

“I’m still not alone at night in Freital,” she says. “The fear remained. But it is not big enough to me still to get.”

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