The EU-billions in aid for Syrian refugees in Turkey, evaluation of the European court of auditors are very inefficient. Around half of the humanitarian projects have not yet achieved the planned results, – stated in a published report.

the lack of projects according to the court, such to enable refugees to better protection and better education. Also in the area of health.

the specific points of criticism of the court of auditors, inefficient administrative structures, and high, in the case of external partners, and incidental costs. He also criticised the insufficient expansion of the municipal water management and waste disposal, as well as the Integration of refugees into the labour market.

In the opinion of the court of auditors, the Commission points out that in the area of municipal infrastructure measures not addressed could be because of the Turkey, for the financing of projects submitted were not Mature.

help for 3.6 million Syrians

Turkey’s support with up to six billion euros was agreed in March 2016 closed refugee Pact. He foresees that the EU can send all the migrants who come illegally via Turkey to the Greek Islands.

In return, EU countries, Turkey, the protection of vulnerable refugees from Syria and to Finance aid for living in Turkey, refugees. The country has so far received a total of just under 3.6 million Syrian refugees.

Of the six billion euros that were promised to Turkey, are used up to three billion already. They came to a third from the budget of the EU and two thirds from the national budgets of the EU member States. The second Tranche to be funded.

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