Italy was ready, children and their mothers from two in the Mediterranean, held-out civilian rescue vessels. The boats are currently in front of Malta. The Italian Vice-head of government: Luigi Di Maio called on the southern European island state, the women and children in the country go, and then send them to Italy.

“We’ll take you. We are once again, as always, ready to give all of Europe a lesson in humanity,” said Di Maio is on Facebook.

The two ships of the German organisations, the Sea Watch and Sea-Eye are blocked with a total of 49 Boat people aboard for days on the Mediterranean sea. Sea-Watch had saved 30 of them before Christmas at sea.

Since the start of the Italian government last summer, Rome civilian rescue ships can no longer be in the ports of the country skating on ice, and has set the private Maritime search and rescue under considerable pressure.

Italian mayor not stand against Rome

The hard line fits in their own country. Several prominent mayors fight back against a migration package, Minister of the interior Matteo Salvini, has tightened the immigration laws dramatically. Naples mayor Luigi De Magistris was already open for a recording of the people on the boats in front of Malta. Also Palermo’s mayor Leoluca Orlando announced that he was going to put the “inhuman” migration package. German cities were also refugees from the ships.

Prior to the announcement of the Di Maios had pushed human rights activists increased to accommodate the refugees. The health and safety of the men, women and children on Board the ships should no longer be compromised, wrote the human rights Commissioner of the Council of Europe, Dunja Mijatovic, on Twitter. “Humanity and compassion need to win the upper hand.”

the members of The Bundestag, Erhard Basic (Green), Helge Lindh, Frank Schwabe (both SPD) and Tobias Pflüger (the Left), as well as the members of the European Parliament Ska Keller (Green party) denounced, after a visit to the “Sea-Watch 3” is a “difficult and absurd situation” on Board. The refugees were victims of the “lack of agreement ability of European States,” they shared.

property location on Board is desperate

On Board the “Sea-Watch 3” showed, how desperate the refugees have become. One of them jumped on Friday on Board to try to swim to reach Malta. “After a few meters he gave up because of the cold and the currents and was pulled back with a rescue ring to the ship,” said the photographer Federico Scoppa to the AFP news Agency.

refugee from Malta

“The migrants sleep on the floor. We have hygiene problems,” said the head of the “Sea-Watch 3”, Philip Hahn, the station “Radio 24”. The situation would be “psychologically more and more difficult”.

Sea Watch accused the European countries on Twitter to haggle more about the fate of the 32 people on Board””. “We may look miserable, but you are pathetic,” wrote Sea-Watch in relation to the EU Ministers.


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