The British government has dismissed two ships for patrol in the English channel from the Mediterranean sea. The British interior Minister, Sajid Javid, announced after a crisis meeting. One of the two ships is not yet in a humanitarian Mission for the European border protection Agency Frontex.

the reason for the step is the rising number of refugees who try to enter with small boats from France to the UK. “It’s about protecting human life, but also to the protection of our borders,” said Javid.

In 2018, have tried the British Ministry of the interior, according to 539 people, to cross the Strait in small boats, 434 of them alone since the beginning of October. 227 migrants have been of the French authorities, stopped.

Javid had classified the situation on Friday as a “serious event” and his family vacation is canceled. The Minister of the interior because of the topic which is increasingly under pressure.

London wool continues to stand by its commitment in the framework of the humanitarian Frontex Mission in the Mediterranean sea, said a statement by the Ministry of the interior. Another ship remaining, therefore, in the Mediterranean sea.

The use of ships in the English channel, is controversial. In the view of critics, the increased presence of British ships could compete encourage some migrants to make the Crossing, because you can rather hope to be, and after great Britain had saved. The key to the Problem lies in the cooperation with the French authorities and to prevent migrants on the journey, as well as to fight criminal organizations, stressed Javid, according to the announcement.

Many of the migrants claim to come from Iran. According to a BBC report, you will be informed of tractors due to the upcoming EU-exit under pressure, to make the dangerous Crossing later this Winter. After that, the threat would be exacerbated by the controls. The English channel is considered to be one of the busiest sea routes in the world. But the relatively mild weather is considered to be the reason for the accumulation of cases.

Labour-internal expert Diane Abbott accused the government, the situation for mid-January, pending Parliament’s vote on the Brussels negotiated Brexit agreement to take advantage of. “The people are stirred up with immigration issues, because the government thinks that it is the best way to get people to vote for your Deal,” said Abbott, the Guardian.


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