The Mexican foreign demanded the Ministry investigate the use of tear gas by U.S. officials at the border to Mexico. The authority expect that the use of “non-lethal weapons” in the direction of Mexico would be thoroughly investigated, said in a message to the U.S. Embassy in Mexico city. The Latin American state emphasised that in addition to the rights and safety of migrants at any time protect.

On Sunday, hundreds of migrants in Tijuana were pulled to the border post in San Ysidro and El Chaparral. In vain the Mexican police tried to stop them. About 50 people climbed on Mexican territory on a sheet metal wall. U.S. security forces responded with tear gas, the shooting on the Mexican side. The Transition has since been closed.

The call of the Mexican Ministry of foreign Affairs, met with U.S. President Donald Trump, however, on resistance, the actions of the US security forces, he defended vehemently. Attacks on Border guard would not accept the United States, he said at a campaign event in Tupelo, in the U.S. state of Mississippi, and they would not tolerate Attempts to destroy government property.

Trump: “turn around, go back home,”

The current President of the United States also took the opportunity to criticize also previous governments. Which would have him defended, according to the borders of other countries, the own, however, not Trump. But that would be different now. “We are sending a clear message to the caravan and the invaders: ‘Turns, goes back home.'”

the use of tear gas, he said in the afternoon, also in front of journalists: “they had to use it, because they were harassed by some very tough people, and they have used tear gas. And here’s the point: Nobody comes into our country, unless you come in in a legal manner.” A reporter had asked him whether he was in the process of that tear gas was used against children. To pictures was to see how women with small children before the Gas ran off.

Trump questioned later, the motives of the people fleeing. “Why is a parent in an area, you know that there is tear gas (…), and you run out there with a child?” Trump claimed, moreover, that some of the people to the parents of the children: “In some cases, they are not the parents,” he said. These people would grab a child “” because they believed, thereby to obtain a better Status. Evidence for his assertions, he has not delivered.

gone was The unrest at the border crossing on Sunday, a Demonstration of the migrants in advance. The people, including many families with children, moved in with font banners in the direction of San Ysidro, which is why they were in the vicinity, as the situation escalated.

Trump made refugees election issue

The groups of migrants from Central America had made a few weeks ago on the way in the direction of US – primarily from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. They are fleeing from violence, misery and economic Hardship in their homeland and want to ask in the United States for asylum. Trump had done this before the congressional elections in the United States at the beginning of November, to a very large topic and in the election campaign for weeks against the pre-marching migrants fulminated.

Trump spoke of an impending “Invasion”, the migrants as a big threat, and claimed several times, many of them criminals, to be deliver – without the receipts. Trump sent several Thousand soldiers to the assistance of the officials at the border.

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