What should happen with refugees, the commit is in Germany a criminal Offence? Anna Lena Baerbock has recently said, in such cases, the appropriate people should be deported faster. The refugee aid organisation Pro ASYL, sees it differently and distanced himself from the statements of the Green-Chairman.

“a criminal Offence, before the court,” said legal policy officer Bellinda Bartolucci the Newspapers of the editorial network in Germany. It was “just required criminal procedure, whereupon the serving of the appropriate punishment” should follow.

“Because it is more than questionable, a offender in another country to deport, without knowing what is happening with this Person there,” said Bartolucci.

Habeck strengthens Baerbock

Baerbock said the “süddeutsche Zeitung”: “Delinquent asylum seekers, who do not accept our legal order and enforceable required to leave the country, should be a priority for deportation.” Preferably, the Refugees must be shown to be integrated in Germany, well, had the rule of law at the time of departure subject to multiple offenders “consistently gripping”, in particular, in the case of sex offenders.

Green-chief Robert Habeck was behind Baerbock. You’ve proven with your Statement, “courage,” said Habeck in the Südwestrundfunk. The Greens would, however, have tightened up their policy. Habeck stressed that refugees should serve their prison sentence in Germany. “If you served and the Offence was hard, then you can be their residence permits and deported lose.” This applies unless the Land is capable of. “You can’t send people into torture and death.”

If in the country of origin of war, then the criminal would have to be due refugees under a residency requirement, so that known is where you are staying, added Habeck.


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