the dispute over the refugee policy had led in the summer, almost to the break-up of the black-red coalition. At the end of the Union and the SPD agreed on a compromise, the critics abkanzelten as a symbol of policy. Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) had pushed for a much sharper rate to limit immigration.

Ultimately, the CSU leader’s instructions to the competent Federal police, all foreigners are banned from re-entering granted, on the German-Austrian border should be dismissed – regardless of whether they apply for Asylum or not. Previously, you had can, in this way, the refusal to deal.

in fact, this Instrument has shown so far, apparently, little effect. A spokesman for the interior Ministry confirmed a report of the Funke media group. Therefore, up to 17. October only three of the mid-June adopted rules affected asylum seekers rejected at the border.

Seehofer had described it in the summer as a “scandal” that people could enter with entry lock anyway. The new scheme applies to people for whom a deportation, a temporary residence or entry ban. Of these, only foreigners will be checked at the border crossings to Austria are affected. The other boundaries are open. This means that a ban on entry of occupied foreigners, for example, coming from Poland coming, when he cites new reasons for Asylum and an application.


Total to 17. October 89 migrants with an entry ban has been rejected. However, 86 had made no request for asylum. Therefore, you would have been dismissed even before Seehofer’s decree. Only three persons requested asylum and were not included. In the Ministry of the interior, it is believed that only due to the adoption of fewer people with entry ban to apply for asylum. Check the can hardly be.

The refugee-political spokeswoman of the Green parliamentary group, Luise Amtsberg, a voice in the spark of Newspapers with a view of the bitter asylum to the dispute in the Union of a “pseudo-debate”, which had been carried out in the summer.

The SPD inner politician Burkhard Lischka defendant, also in the case of the treaties with Greece and Spain, the return of numbers of refugees are “self behind the pessimistic forecasts”. In addition, Seehofer had described a month ago in a Treaty with Italy, as ready for signature, “but until today, the signatures of the Italians lack. Seehofer had arrived “to full-bodied promise” in reality, said Lischka.


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