Shoppers check products at a Homeplus store in Incheon, west of Seoul. The discount chain said that its seven refurbished stores saw the number of visitors rocket by 46 percent. Photo courtesy of Homeplus

Visitors to 7 stores jump almost 50%

Homeplus, South Korea’s second-largest discount chain, said this week that its refurbished stores had seen the number of visitors jump almost 50 percent.

The Seoul-based outfit refurbished seven stores, one in Seoul and six in Incheon. They have attracted some 530,000 shoppers over the past month, up 46 percent from a year ago, according to Homeplus.

Their spending at the seven outlets also increased 40 percent year-on-year.

As a result, Homeplus chalked up a 20 percent growth in its sales in Incheon, a metropolitan city west of Seoul, where the company operates 11 stores. Six of them were refurbished.

Homeplus said that the new stores had drawn so-called Generation MZ, South Korea’s unique term referring to millennials and Generation Z, who were born between 1980 and 1995.

They are known to be familiar with such digital gadgets as laptops and smartphones as well as very sensitive to trends. As a result, they love to make online orders.

Homeplus said that’s why its Incheon stores were recently busy with the more online orders.

“In the refurbishing efforts, we focused on Incheon because of the city’s growth potential. A mounting number of people are expected to move to Incheon,” Homeplus official Oh Yong-geun said.

“We will keep renewing our sales outlets to pave the way for the continued sales growth.”

In the meantime, Homeplus is staging a brand campaign designed to offer better services to its customers in time with its 25th anniversary.

Toward that end, the corporation vowed to jack up investments down the road.

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