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Yesterday, during the day, reading is like in the Uckermark even a bit of snow, how enchanted the avenues looked under the delicate blanket. In the evening in Berlin, however, just in time for the start of the eighth and final regional conference of the CDU, it is raining, cold, wet, rain falls in thick strands from the sky. Even the neukölln Estrel Convention center, in the party of the great demand because of short-hand had to move, only to see, as you stand directly in front of it. As a Bastion of the huge complex looks at the longer end of the Sonnenallee. Whether it is raining, in the Sauerland region is also sometimes? It is in the beautiful Münsterland really horrible weather? Also, the Saarland experienced such a dreary day?

For nearly two weeks, the three candidates are Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, Friedrich Merz and Jens Spahn is now on the road to cross the country to the delegates as a possible new Chairman of the CDU. About every second evening, they stood together on a stage, more and more they seemed like a well-oiled Team. To is not larger disputes anyway, it came between them really. Looks like a the direction of quarrel? This is a historical renewal of the candidates, but also the party in the Moment of speaking? A riser anyway, it’s supposed to go, now that Angela Merkel has led the party for 18 years. Meanwhile, the Christian Democrats are below the 30 percent mark landed. Some unken, if you abzöge the CSU, be even weaker than the Green.

In the great hall of Berlin’s neukölln district, Congress centre and many men sitting back again. And many women in the CDU are, even after all the Merkel years is still so, as if they were just with. It was actually on all regional conferences. Only in Berlin a lot of younger men are also proportionate in the audience. Ties in the party’s orange, you don’t see anywhere in orange scarves also. Amazingly, many wearing green. But that can be deceiving.

With some delay, the candidates come in the room. The undulating woman sitting in front of a, to hiss their neighbors the question of whether Merz is because landed his Cessna on the roof of the hotel, then she squeals as only a little old capitals squeak gutters. It turned out there then a nice and friendly, but not frenetic applause. Even though applause is the currency used to such evenings at the end of be charged.

let’s Make it short: The three candidates hold once more those Speeches that you have held on to the other regional conferences. No one seems to want to be here at the Finale to a dazzling conclusion. Spahn dreams once again from Germany in the year 2040, in particular, the CDU-governed. Merz carries the five points which he would like the country to renew. Germany and the economy are treated as synonyms. And Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer give up what she has done for all other conferences: In contrast to the two men, they took, in fact, always time to start with a memory or an anecdote to that city or that state in which they were located. You wanted to have, as the Secretary-General at its Zuhörtour the ear on the heart of the party: thinking of you only, what you said in Bremen: The city would be better governed, would be the government of a Christian-democratic. For a long time we had not thought of that as a Berliner, the CDU-banking scandal of the nineties, in that Moment, but he falls again.

The longest round of applause Spahn gets, as he calls it, to cultivate the Tempelhofer feld, with apartments. Friedrich Merz, as he promises, with Angela Merkel after his possible election to work together in peace. And Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer, as she makes a new holiday fun to be introduced in Berlin. In your opinion, a women’s day as a holiday was a good thing, but more important is the question that women in this city were afraid to come back, he said, was to go out at night safely through the streets. It had been in the capital ever a debate? Ever: people came in all three most clearly in the Form of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs or big Arab clans.

Kevin Chung studied literature in Seoul. He is interested in various areas. He can be reached at or 82-2-6956-6698.