The book. Go to the poilus that which belongs to the hairy : the victory of 1918. The mission that the colonel Michel Goya has set for himself in his last book is a kind of rehabilitation of the victory of the French army and its allies the british and the americans against the Germans. Rehabilitation, because the French historiography of the Great war has downplayed this military success – which opens the way to the end of the war November 11 – too long trapped between the carnage of the trenches and the fiasco of the peace of Versailles in 1919.

But before we revisit the story of the end of the war, colonel Michel Goya wants to especially pay tribute to his grandfather, hero of the battles of the Somme and Champagne, and the French soldiers fallen on the front. It is also a way for the historian to enroll in the course of cultural history that highlights the patriotism, contrary to the course of social history, which insists more on the idea of constraint. Finally, Michel Goya after the researchers with a sense of history-battle, a category that has suffered in recent years a renewed interest in France and in Europe.

Exciting story that we book here, the top-ranking officer of the French army, sometimes as a strategist, sometimes a storyteller about the year-hinge that is 1917. A turning point in the three times : the bolshevik revolution and the separate peace between the Russians and Germans sealed by the treaty of Brest-Litovsk in February 1918 ; the entry into war of the United States of Wilson to the sides of the Franco-British ; and the changes in doctrines of the allied command.

Foch rather than Pétain

This redistribution of the cards strategic, Michel Goya is used to help the reader to better understand the offensive of the general-in-chief of the German army, Erich Ludendorff at the end of the winter of 1918 as well as the counter-offensive of July of the Allies opens the way for their victory in the fall….

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