Russia, China, and cyber attacks, according to U.S. intelligence, the greatest dangers for the United States. And with their assessment of the risks posed by Syria, North Korea and Iran against the heads of the U.S. intelligence services and the Federal police FBI, at least partially, the view of the US President, Donald Trump speak.

the Director of The national intelligence services, Dan Coats, has doubts about a complete nuclear disarmament of North Korea. “We go at the Moment that North Korea is trying to keep weapons of mass destruction, and it is unlikely that they will give up their nuclear weapons and production capacity completely.”

Trump over North Korea relations has shown so well how never

President of the Trump up of this assessment in the Senate intelligence Committee completely unimpressed. He sees, in spite of this doubt, continue to progress in the nuclear negotiations. The relationship between the United States and North Korea was as good as ever, he tweeted.

The US President justified this on the day after the meeting in order that the isolated country had halted its missile and nuclear tests and arrested US citizen released. There is a “decent Chance” on denuclearization.

Trump had met in 2018, with the North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Un. Kim said at the time his readiness to “complete denuclearization”. However, there were no concrete Commitments until when the Communist ruled and internationally largely isolated North Korea of its nuclear weapons Arsenal wants to disarm and how the services of the United States might look like.

Coats and his colleagues describe in their report a number of other hazards facing the United States. They range from economic and military threats from eavesdropping and hacker attacks to attacks and threats by international criminal gangs. While China and Russia have strengthened their alliances, turned away some of the allies of the United States, said Coats. This was a response to the changing security and trade policy of the U.S. government.

Also in the U.S. Congress, the U.S. President meets with his assessment of the world political situation, more and more resistance. Trump’s most important ally in the Senate, majority leader Mitch McConnell, warned of a “premature withdrawal” of U.S. troops from Afghanistan and Syria.

The is is defeated, according to Trump’s largely why the U.S. troops from Syria deducted. As McConnell service Director Coats feared but also a Secret that IS could continue to run from Syria and also from Iraq, attacks on regional and Western enemies, including the United States.

the Threat of interference in the presidential election, 2020

China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea used increasingly and more and more kinds of cyber activities, said Coats. Information would be stolen, US citizens are influenced by and critical infrastructure destroyed. The Director of the Federal Bureau of investigation, Christopher Wray, said: “The threat of Chinese counter-espionage is bigger, more diverse, more challenging, more extensive and more disturbing than any threat of counter-espionage, I can think of.”

“The relations between Moscow and Beijing closer than in the past decades,” said Coats. So to be fear in the presidential election of 2020, new and more sophisticated interventions. Here, too, resist Coats Trump, has identified no risk of an interference of Russia in the past and future of U.S. presidential election speech.

Iran, however, has identified Trump as one of the greatest dangers, attest to the intelligence services, in turn, contract loyalty. The Islamic Republic on the international nuclear agreement by 2015, announces Trump one – sided- and develop nuclear weapons. Trump also responded to the fact irritated: “people in the secret service seem to be extremely passive and naive.”


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