In the case of the first protests by the yellow-West movement in the new year, it came on the weekend again to violent clashes between militant demonstrators and the forces of law and Order. 50,000 people went according to the authorities, information on the road, after the movement had in the meantime lost to the inlet. Italy’s government is now publicly on the side of the demonstrators, who have been protesting for weeks against the policies of France’s President, Emmanuel Macron.

“yellow West – remains steadfast!”, the Deputy Italian Prime Minister Luigi di Maio wrote on the Blog of his Five-star movement. The Vice-head of government and Minister of the interior Matteo Salvini from the xenophobic Lega Nord party, agreed with his Cabinet colleague and stated that he was supportive of “honorable citizens” in a Protest against a President, the “rule against his people”.

Since the right-commencement-populist government in June last year, have worsened the relations between the two countries. This is especially to the refugee question.

to make Regular accusations from Italy

Italy, France accuses regularly since then, Rome in the issue of the refugees in the lurch. In June, the Italian government had summoned the French Ambassador after France, Italy was criticised for refusing to allow a refugee ship in a port.

The yellow West-motion to the government of head of state, Macron in November. In its country-wide rallies demonstrating against tax and price increases and improved purchasing power.

had Originally directed the movement against high fuel prices and the planned Eco-tax on Diesel. Later, a General discontent with the policy of the government to interfere in the Protest.

Their billions in concessions, the provision of more money for minimum wage earners and relief for pensioners, the protesters are insufficient. Many are calling for further tax cuts, referenda after the Swiss model, as well as the resignation of Macrons.

In the case of the protests there were several times on the Champs-Élysées – violent clashes with the police. 17. November involved at the peak of the protests across the country well of 282,000 people at the rallies.


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