The sales of Renault Samsung Motors' XM3 reached 22,252 units in four months after its debut in this March, the best performance among its competitors. Photo courtesy of Renault Samsung Motors

Sales of new SUV coupe tops 22,000 in four months

Renault Samsung Motors’ newly-launched XM3 is cruising well in South Korea as a mounting number of motorists here opt to purchase the SUV coupe.

The Seoul-based company announced on July 23 that it logged 22,252 orders for the XM3 in four months after its debut in this March, the best performance among its competitors.

Renault Samsung sold more than 5,000 units of the XM3 over the past four months in a row, a record no other small-sized SUVs achieved in Asia’s fourth-largest economy.

In particular, the XM3 has won the hearts and minds of drivers in their 20s and 30s thanks to the model’s exclusive design and outstanding performance of its gasoline turbo engine, called the TCe 260.

The XM3 is the Korean version of the highly-popular Renault Arkana, which is proving to be a model of international stature.

Through a customer survey, we learned that XM3 purchasers loved its distinctive, upscale design, which offers spaciousness at the same time,” a Renault Samsung official said.

In addition, the XM3 combines the charm of a sedan with the characteristics of an SUV, which seems to attract a record number of clients in Korea.”

While having a high body waist and a sloping roofline, the XM3 is also equipped with many attributes of an SUV, including high ground clearance and wheel arch protectors.

The compact SUV, which is priced between 17.63 million won ($14,000) and 25.97 million won, boasts of respectable energy efficiency as it gets 13.7 kilometers per liter.