Facebook’s market power in the Messenger is huge: The group includes not using WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, two of Germany’s and world’s most popular Chat Apps. With Instagram Facebook also has the most important photo platform in the Portfolio, which are also chatting.

so Far, however, the three Apps are largely self-sufficient, have in Parts a very differently functioning Ecosystems. For a WhatsApp-registration, for example, a phone number is enough for the other two services is requested when you Register the real Name of the user. In addition, it can not be communicated from WhatsApp directly with Instagram users. One of the reasons is that WhatsApp Chats are by default encrypted end-to-end, the photo service offers no such possibility.

one Of the services in common, however: they all have to connect at least a billion users, many of whom decided at some point for a platform. Unlike privacy advocates are likely to find many of them a pity that there are so few direct Connections between the Services.

In the next few months or years, to change this Situation now, apparently: The New York Times reported on Friday citing four unnamed informants, that Facebook plans to allow message exchange between the Apps.

A denial sounds different

All three services would exist as its own Apps to the sources of the newspaper: The enterprise, the key is to unify the “underlying Messaging infrastructure”. This project is the inside information that is still in an early stage and could be implemented accordingly, by the end of this year or the beginning of 2020.

Facebook itself has not yet officially announced, that such a toothing of the Apps. An opinion for the “New York Times” doesn’t sound like a denial: Facebook to offer the “best Messaging experience,” stated, “and people want that Messaging is fast, simple, reliable and private.”

Further, the company mentioned that it is working on it, more of its Messaging products with the end-to-end encryption. In addition, you think about how you could make it easier to reach friends and family across network boundaries (in the Original English: “to reach friends and family across networks”).

These Statements fit, in principle, to what has the “New York Times” from their sources. Your information is that Mark Zuckerberg has to have the instruction given, that all Apps, even Instagram, to get an end-to-end encryption. If the Change were to be implemented, could send a Facebook user an encrypted message to someone who only uses a WhatsApp Account, so the “New York Times”.

scepticism in WhatsApp employees

Mark Zuckerberg is supposed to have been working for some time with the idea to integrate the Apps, each created in their own, then Facebook acquired companies, the stronger, the article says. Towards the end of last year, the group is said to have started chief to advertise in front of employees more for the idea. This move should have led to internal disagreements: Among other things, employees of WhatsApp are to be the subject of skeptical.

What would change as a result of a convergence of services together for the user, cannot be foreseen in Detail. Two sources of the “New York Times” notes that even Zuckerberg himself has reportedly no concrete plans for how his company from the teeth of the offers would benefit. A more active audience, however, might lead to new forms of advertising. Or to other Services, for Facebook a fee might raise.



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