In typical at fashion, has responded to US President Donald Trump on a report on investigations by the Federal Bureau of investigation against him. “Wow, I’ve just learned from the failing New York Times that the corrupt Ex-leaders of the FBI (…) have opened an investigation against me, without reason and without evidence, after I fired the lying James Comey, that cheeseball!”, Trump wrote on Twitter.

The “Times” had reported that the FBI had investigated after the dismissal of his boss in may 2017, whether Trump for Russia and against the US have worked interests. The newspaper relied on Ex-employees of the authority and including persons not named, the to be the investigation familiar. Experts from the counter-espionage have examined, therefore, whether Trumps the national security Act would be threatened.

trump’s attorney, Rudolph Giuliani, had replied in the “New York Times” that he knew nothing of the investigation. In view of the fact that they should already have one and a half years, begun to suspect that “they found nothing”.

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After Comeys dismissal, the Ministry of justice had used the special investigator Robert Mueller. He examined whether there was in the case of the alleged Russian influence on the US presidential election in 2016, the collusion between the Trump camp and Russian representatives.

Trump has referred to these investigations repeatedly as a “witch-hunt”. The “New York Times”, which was awarded for its quality journalism, several journalists prices, has accused Trump repeats false reporting.


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