Hardly, the U.S. news portal “Buzzfeed had published” his sensitive information to Donald trump’s role in the Russia affair, as the first Democrats made themselves known on Twitter. They called for a public inquiry into the allegation that Trump had asked his Ex-lawyer, Michael Cohen, to lie before the Congress. Quickly there was talk of impeachment.

once Again the US President is under pressure. In the case of the Russia-investigation is the core of the question of whether the 2016 presidential election by foreign powers – particularly Russia – have been affected. And if trump’s campaign Team had nothing to do with such influence. The back has that and speaks of a “witch-hunt”.

Michael Cohen

But trump’s Version, to have had during the election campaign, no close relations to Russia, there are for months, always new doubts. This is particularly the questioning of Cohen’s who once worked closely with Trump economic issues. Since August, he is interviewed by special investigator Robert Mueller. From these investigations, new Details emerge now, apparently. How dangerous they can be Trump? The most important questions and answers.

Why is the report so controversial?

With the new statements would speak to Cohen, the President vehemently resisted, and him to blame, could possibly have legal consequences. In November, Cohen acknowledged before the court, to the Congress, statements about Russia’s knowingly wrong to have the affair. Cohen said he had lied in order to stay in line with the “political message” of the President.

Now, Buzzfeed reports: Trump should have instructed Cohen before his hearing in Congress, to distribute this Version. The news portal refers to two officials, who are apparently with the interviews with the special investigator familiar with.

A President that incites an employee to false testimony before the Congress that would not only damage Trumps already tarnished credibility further. It could also have political consequences.

what the statements are about?

In the Buzzfeed report, it comes to Trumps business contacts to Russia. Long as it was called, talks of trump’s real estate company concerning a construction project in Moscow had been completed in January 2016 – that is, long before Trump stood as a candidate. Cohen later admitted, however, to have it before the Congress and lied. Instead, the contact passed out in the middle of the election campaign. This lie – as Buzzfeed writes, it is now – was incurred on arrangement of the Trumps.

Donald Trump

What the Congress can do?

In the first reaction of the Democrats on the Buzzfeed report of a possible deposition process of the speech. But the road there is long.

Although the house of representatives can initiate such a procedure, however, in the second step, the Senate would have to agree with a two-thirds majority – and the Republicans have a majority.

In the house of representatives, which is dominated by the Democrats since the Midterm elections, you could call for but nevertheless new investigation proceedings and hearings. The latter could even be held in public – perhaps in front of the cameras.

Such a hearing, want to avoid the Trump consultant. They fear that Trump could be caught up in false statements.

Why is Cohen in the Russia investigation so important?

Cohen was long a close Confidant of Trumps. His “Fixer”, as he himself once said. The man, therefore, creates the world’s problems. He had access to critical information and processes. Meanwhile, Cohen was convicted of tax evasion and false statements before the Congress to three years in prison and is cooperating fully with the special investigator Robert Mueller.

in addition to the Russia-contacts Cohen has accused his former boss, also in other cases. In doing so, the alleged affair Trumps with the porn actress Stormy Daniels and the Meeting in the Trump Tower between Confidants of then-candidate and a Russian lawyer.

At 7. February want to comment on Cohen in front of the Congress for Russia affair, it was a week ago. A Reuters report suggests, however, that he will consider this step to date – out of fear of Trump.

What is it exactly that the Democrats say?

you are outraged, calling for a comprehensive explanation and, where appropriate, serious consequences. “If the Buzzfeed story, must Trump resign or the office to be dismissed,” wrote the Deputy, Joaquín Castro on Twitter. Adam Schiff, also a member of the house of representatives, said the new allegations were “the most serious” against Trump.

Chris Murphy, Senator from Connecticut, have demanded that Mueller “showing his cards”. The special investigator should have in fact multiple sources, the Trumps would confirm the order for the lie to Cohen, one had to know about it immediately. The Deputy Ted Lieu called for hearings in the legal Committee of the house of representatives.

For Brian Schatz, a Senator from Hawaii, to feel all “like a bomb”, and all were as “stunned”. The story should be true, should investigate the Congress of the case “thoroughly”. Earlier, had expressed the treasure already sarcastic about Trump: “It must be weird to be the only one who commits no crime, if everyone commits around you crimes.”

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