Imprisoned, humiliated, and murdered in many countries, journalists continue to risk more and more often, your life at work. This year alone, have been killed according to reporters without borders (RWB), at least 80 media staff. More than half of them in only five countries, lost their lives in Afghanistan, Syria, Mexico, Yemen and India, as the organization announced. In the past year, there were at least 65 journalists killed in their work lives.

the 348 world’s imprisoned journalists are sitting more than half of them in five countries, behind bars:

in China (60) Egypt (38) Turkey (33), Iran (28) and Saudi Arabia (28).

In China, 46 citizens were among the Detained journalists who were trying to escape the ever-increasing control of the Communist party of the traditional media. This is from the ROG-annual balance sheet of the freedom of the press in 2018.

The countries with the most of the killed media workers were, therefore,

Afghanistan (15 victims), Syria (11), Mexico (9) Yemen (8) and India (6).

Also in the US, six journalists died. Four of them were killed in the attack on the newspaper “Capital Gazette” in Annapolis in the U.S. state of Maryland. Worldwide have been killed in the past ten years, 702 professional journalists.

as before, armed conflicts are the greatest danger for journalists. A “frightening character”, however, is that just as many journalists were murdered outside of the War zones. The offender and the Client could often expect that suicides remained for you without consequences. The community had finally found a remedy against such impunity.

kidnappings in Syria, Yemen and Iraq

countries such as China, Egypt, Iran and Saudi Arabia fine-tuned its methods of Suppression, said the organization. Bear the brunt of citizen journalists are often. New Internet laws to facilitate the political leaders, therefore, against Online reporters and users of social networks.

the end of 2018, 60 media professionals were worldwide at the end of kidnapped, six more than the previous year. Especially in the Middle East this Form of tracking is widespread. With one exception, all cases focus on Syria, Yemen and Iraq.

reporters without borders called once again on the UN, a special envoy for the protection of journalists. Although there are UN resolutions for a better protection for journalists, especially in conflict areas, but they had, as yet, little concrete impact on the situation of the persons Concerned.


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