The United Nations have increased pressure on Italy because of the blocked rescue vessel “Sea Watch 3” with 47 migrants on Board. In a joint statement by several UN organizations demanded that the migrants sitting on the ship of the German aid organisation Sea Watch in front of Sicily, “shall immediately” go into Italy from the Board.

“The Situation on Board is critical,” said the International organization for Migration (IOM), the UN refugee Agency, UNHCR, as well as the children’s Fund, Unicef, on Saturday. Some people are not exposed to the cold weather, as there is in the interior of the ship enough space for all. On Board 13 min be year.

“Therefore, it is urgently required that migrants and refugees be allowed to go on the “Sea-Watch 3″ immediately at the nearest port of the Board,” it said. The “Sea-Watch 3” had the migrants on 19. January Libya.

Salvini remains stubborn

Italy’s interior Minister Matteo Salvini, the claim is rejected. “I don’t change my mind. Italian ports remain closed,” he said. The populist government in Rome prohibits private rescue ships for months, in the ports of the country.

The people on Board were exhausted, said Sea-Watch spokeswoman Federica Mameli. Serious medical emergencies, Yes, there are. Many of the Rescued were but prisons traumatized by torture in Libya, said the organization.

the Italian coast guard, “Sea-Watch 3”

Due to bad weather was allowed to drive the ship on Friday in Italian waters and is now in front of the harbour of Syracuse. Permission, received not the ship.

The EU member States can not agree for years on a distribution of refugees by Boat. Since Italy’s rescue, the entrance to the ships denied to have been blocked several boats, part of a week on the sea.


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