tastes What is at Christmas, at the latest in January on the scales as well. It is sufficient, apparently, to follow the ten simple tips to avoid the dreaded holiday pounds. At least that is the result of a study by six researchers from the British universities of Birmingham and Loughborough, and you can present it in the medical journal “The BMJ”.

to increase That many to the end of the year, is not a new discovery: The Germans are the most ten days after Christmas on thick, found as early as 2016, US-researchers at the Cornell University. On average, participants in the former study increased over the holidays to 0.6 percent of their body weight.

The Problem: Who wants to get rid of the futterten fat again, patience and discipline. “On average, people to take over the year up to a Kilo,” said Amanda Daley, behavior, physician, and author of the current study. However, a large part of this increase was attributable to the Christmas season.

6000 calories in one day

An increase of a Kilo is not much. Over ten years, the increase would, however, be significantly. In the face of the many temptations in December, it is even the most disciplined people hard, the intake of calories to hold back. “Alone on Christmas day, up to 6000 calories consumed – three Times more than the recommended daily intake” was also emphasized by Frances Mason, nutrition scientist at the University of Birmingham.

Under the name of “Winter Weight Watch Study” tested the researchers in the winter months of the years 2016 and 2017 Tricks to stop them from overeating. To divided this purpose, 272 Volunteers with an average age of 44 years in two groups. The subjects first were asked to weigh themselves at least twice a week, ideally every day but, and the weight to be recorded in writing.

Also, you got these ten tips to prevent weight gain:

to eat whenever Possible, the same time at Least 10,000 steps a day to go during the day every hour for ten minutes, get up On greasy food at Least five servings of fruits and vegetables per day renounce to attack, If at all, healthy Snacks, No eating between meals (not in front of the TV) On the hidden sugar and fats

do Not pay attention to large portions of food On calorie-containing beverage dispense in addition, the researchers calculated the participants, how long have you Sport need to drive in order to burn the calories of the popular Christmas Goodies. Example: The energy from a small glass of mulled wine is enough for 33 minutes of brisk walking.

the participants of The second group, only a General information sheet received, however, on the topic of a healthy life style without food-advice. All participants were surveyed in November and December, and in January and February of the examination year and weighed.

interval fasting “you do not have to count calories, but hours”

Actually, the participants who had only received the information sheet, an average of 0.37 kg, while the other decreases, even slightly, with an average of 0.13 kg. The difference was only a pound. The researchers were not, however, checked whether the participants had taken to heart all the tips also.

The regular weigh-in and only the Knowledge of the tips had to be disciplined, the participants nevertheless, the researchers concluded. “Our research shows that even a short Intervention can help over the Christmas period, to prevent the small weight gains that accumulate and the obesity epidemic is driving,” says Daley.


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