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On the website of the city of Naples, it is usually quiet – but in the 4. January it was over with the rest. As mayor, Luigi de Magistris, calling on citizens to help. What could, what would endure to do the Neapolitans specifically, of the 49 people for more than two weeks under terrible conditions on Board of two vessels off the island of Malta?

A day later, 3376 E had been offered-Mails with a total of 7569 concrete help: The messenger of accommodation, other meals, clothing, legal assistance, transportation to the authorities, money. A Pensioner wrote, because of their very small social pension, it could not be too much, 50 Euro but spare.

The “Sea-Watch” on 4. January off the coast of Malta

Related actions the mayor, but also Church organisations in many Italian cities started. This impressed the Deputy Prime Minister and Five-star foreman Luigi Di Maio after all, to the extent that he was willing to let a large number of women and children from aboard to enter Italy. Of course, without their husbands or fathers. His coalition partner, however, Lega-chief and Minister of the interior Matteo Salvini, insisted on his “no” and tweeted: “will and Power, I will not mm…Stop the Invasion.”

Only as the last even of the Pope, “the leader of Europe” called to redeem the refugees, broke down, apparently, even Salvini’s resistance.

So in Rome the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte could be included to accept, according to the newspaper “Corriere della Sera”, a European solution, to the 15 of the 49 people of Italy. Also men, because “we are not a people, the families separate,” said Conte. Other welcoming countries besides Germany, Malta, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Portugal, Luxembourg, Ireland and Romania. Out there is is still. And also the Italian port lock for the rescue ships seem to be of this solution will not be affected.

“All deport”

On the issue of the new Italian migration and refugee laws, the case changes nothing. Up to 140,000 people, it is said, in a plea of ten Christian organizations, threaten to slide over the medium term in the illegality. It is mainly migrants, which is only a temporary place to stay to enjoy the right. Many of them have so far been able to work legally, most lived in state or Church institutions, with the integration support programmes. At the end of the tolerance cycle, they went so far to the authority, and this renewed the residence permit is usually no Problem. Eventually, the hope is, it would become a permanent right to stay.

Luigi Di Maio, Giuseppe Conte, and Matteo Salvini (archive photo)

This is now final. The Status of the limited tolerance will not be there anymore in the previous Form. About 30,000 people could be in the coming weeks on night illegally. What happens then? No one, Concerned know the least. In the government Camps they are not allowed to stay, according to the current condition,. You are on the road, can only engage in black work or Criminal will fall into the hands.

“unload it”, “back” will lead off for you all. He has therefore increased the resources and in turn, the integration of capped services. But the Pushing to go not so easy, say the authorities, there are only four countries in the appropriate agreement. And even then it glitches, apparently, huge.

the Problem is the large are had pressed by the Central warehouse

other parts of the Salvini-law, he agrees against his Five-star Partner with the permanent threat of “Either you or it’s all over!”, are problematic. Since Competent are from the state administration, with the migration of professionals from Church organizations pretty much agree.

Just one example: so Far, most of the refugees are housed in smaller recording facilities. Can’t take any more. Then, only those, which are also recognized under the new and more stringent conditions as a “refugee” is allowed now. The other, which may, perhaps, remain, or perhaps be deported, to come in large Central warehouse. “Counter-productive” to find the care practitioners such as Michael Peintner by Caritas. In small facilities, Integration, functioning much better. In large, where many people must live together, going to crime far more likely to be a Problem.

Leoluca Orlando (2.v.l., File photo)

“ten million”

currently The opinion in the strongest antithesis to Salvini’s fight against “the Invasion” is Leoluca Orlando, a 71-year-old elected for the fifth Time, the mayor of the capital of Sicily Palermo. For the former Christian Democrats, today’s Party, the closing of the Mediterranean route and the European external borders, “a human disaster”. In 2015, he has written a “Charter for Palermo”, according to which every person who comes to Palermo, is automatically a citizen of the city. In Italy and throughout Europe, there should be a right to stay for each and every one who has “rescued us,” he says. Europe did not have room “for at least ten million new people, bring new impetus and new ideas”.

Positive example of Palermo

And, of course, could the people on the refugee boats off Malta like to come to Palermo, he has announced in the past few days in video messages, and Call: “Our port is open!”

With such a large number of words and the associated actions – Orlando, the former Mafia stronghold of a vibrant city. And a thriving. The once-filthy No-Go-Zone draws today to Venice, Florence and Rome, most of Italy-tourists. “And the feel safe here,” says the mayor proud.

of Course he is not going to implement the Salvini-laws in its area of influence, he says. It is not just about migrants, it is a matter of human and civil rights for all. Because what with the migrants begin, could tomorrow the Next meeting.

Not necessarily with the same categorical fervor but loudly oppose the mayor put anywhere in Italy, the Anti-refugee rate from Rome. In addition to De Magistris in Naples, the city of men in Florence, Milan and Bari. In the Tuscan regional President Enrico Rossi wants to bring an action before the constitutional court against the new laws. Also, a big protest rally in Rome to make the coalition leaders Salvini and Di Maio clear: “you’re not the gentlemen of the country”. All of these defiant officials, Minister Salvini threatens: “those Who decree the Security is not respected, helps the Illegal and treacherous Italy and the Italians”.

Increasingly discriminatory and intolerant climate

But the bearings of the protest to find more allies. Catholic priests across the country to announce you are “open the Church doors in every parish”, in order to offer them a place to be banished from the “Salvini-law” of the state institutions. “You can’t put immigrants on the road,” complains Secretary of state, cardinal Pietro Parolin, the number two in the Vatican.

Because in the largest camp of the country, in the Sicilian Mineo, soon to be 50 people in front of the door to land offered by the Bishop of Caltagiro already equal to 40 beds in a Church establishment of his Church, and is seeking further space for counterparts. Everywhere the bishops of the pulpits and, in Interviews, against the inhuman treatment of people and the Archbishop of Pisa, Giovanni Paolo Benotto, against the “increasingly discriminatory and intolerant climate” in the land of bettors.

imagine, Caltagirone-Bishop Calogero Peri, “in Italy, it is today a crime, dogs to suspend. But it is not a crime, people suspend. Worse still, men, women and children law is to suspend now.”

: Matteo Salvini, a migration has Summarized and refugee law in Italy, boxed. Tens of thousands of people in the crash in the illegality of or under threat of deportation. However, the Front against the project grows, more and more city fathers, but also men of the Church are openly against the measures of the interior Minister. Cities such as Palermo take on demonstrative refugees and migrants.

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