The Senate in Washington is pushing ahead with a Resolution calling for an end to U.S. support for the military intervention of Saudi Arabia in Yemen. The Congress chamber voted on Wednesday for a final vote on the Text to a minimum, which is a clear Signal against the policies of U.S. President Donald Trump. Among the 60 Yes votes also were Republicans by eleven senators of Trumps. The final vote is not expected for Thursday.

However, the Resolution itself should, if adopted by the Senate, in the house of representatives. There, the Republicans still have up to 3. January a majority. Trump could also load a Veto of the Text. The Resolution has therefore mainly symbolic.

senators from opposition Democrats, as the Republicans charged that Trump

driving, despite the obvious role of Saudi Arabia in the case of the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi and humanitarian crisis in Yemen

no harder line against the country.

The proposed Resolution calls for an end to the military support of the USA for the Saudi Arabian-led forces in the Yemen war. So far, the US and the UK intelligence information, and train pilots. For a time she also helped with the air to air refuelling of fighter aircraft in Yemen-use; this cooperation was terminated in November.

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The Senate could decide in the coming days, in addition, a Text in which the Saudi Arabian crown Prince Mohammed Salman bin will have a direct responsibility for Khashoggis death of accused. The senators had at the beginning of December by the Deputy head of the foreign intelligence service, the CIA, Gina reel, the case of Khashoggi. After the Meeting, the US senators were convinced that The Saudi crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was involved in the murder of the government-critical journalists.

Two Republican Bob Corker – the Chairman of the foreign Affairs Committee in the Senate and Lindsey Graham had been after that open against their Republican President. Graham said with a view to the shortening of the MbS referred to crown Prince: “I think that he is crazy, I think he is dangerous, and he has endangered the relationship.” He added: “There are zero options – zero -that this happened in such an organized way, without the crown Prince.”

Trump has tried in the past few weeks, to sow doubt as to the responsibility of the heir to the throne. The US President is holding on to the tight Alliance with Saudi Arabia.

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