Minister of justice Katarina Barley moves to the data Theft at several hundred politicians and Celebrities stricter safety requirements for the Software manufacturers and the operators of Internet platforms into consideration.

“We check to what extent stricter legal requirements are useful and necessary,” said the SPD politician of the “world on Sunday”. Software manufacturers and platform operators need to ensure high standards of safety and regular Updates, calls for Barley. For maximum data security a “strong awareness when it comes to dealing with personal data is essential”.

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On Friday it was reported that data such as mobile numbers and email addresses of hundreds of German politicians and other public figures were to enter in the Internet common. It is not yet known whether they have been achieved through the Penetration into computer networks or unlawfully redirected.


A spokesman for the Federal interior Ministry announced on Saturday that the Central center to combat Internet and computer crime (CIT) in the investigation and with the Federal criminal police office (BKA) work together. The ZIT is a special unit of the Prosecutor General’s office in Frankfurt. With a view on the data Theft, the Federal speaks the Ministry of the interior of the “unauthorized publication”, since it is not clear who collected the data on the way.

criticism of the BSI

The Federal office for information security (BSI) has already in weeks of the known massive theft of personal data of politicians and Celebrities, know. “We have already spoken very early in December with the help of individual members who were affected, accordingly.” It had also been counter-measures initiated. Among other things, a special team had been dispatched for assistance in Affected (Mobile Incident Response Team). “Therefore, at an early stage, certain actions,” said BSI President Arne Schönbohm told the television station Phoenix.

Even the BKA learned, according to its own presentation of the publication, only in the night to Friday.

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The inner political spokesman of the SPD group in the Bundestag, Burkhard Lischka, called for a rapid investigation of possible errors of security agencies. “If it turns out that the BSI already knew weeks ago of the release of hacked data, without informing the other security authorities, this is completely unacceptable.”

meanwhile, the CDU-interior expert Armin Schuster for more competencies of the BSI: “I think it is necessary that the BSI will, in the future, actively involved in the IT defenses of the Bundestag, and we are on this path as safe as the government network.”

SPIEGEL ONLINE reported in detail on the hacker attacks against politicians and persons of public life. With Details from the Data thefts, we are, however, cautious and careful. Home addresses, telephone numbers or other information which, according to present knowledge there is no public interest in the booth, we publish.


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