The Brexit raging raging, Trump, the AfD victims posing.

the editorial of the media do not realize that they are being exploited or don’t want to remember, or remember it and correctly find. Every damn day.

How little you can be aware of the consequences of their own trade aware of? For Crying out loud, no, to the Freak out. It is apparently operation is hardly a reflection operated in the mass-media daily, and if it is, it remains, so far, ineffective.

Therefore, here again, angry, but with the connotation of resigned despair:

The rise of authoritarian forces in the world would not have been possible without the media, both social and editorial media. The responsibility for further strengthening of the Right, extreme Right, Authoritarian to the good part with these media.

It is from this responsibility, no Escape. Who would not want that Germany verungarnt, vertrumpt, verbrasilt, must face up to this responsibility. There are just a veneer of neutrality, because these people are fighting against everything that makes journalism in liberal democracies. To observe easily and in Hungary, where – is dramatically under-reported – the media landscape is in progress: Orbán has all of his publishing buddies, Yes: all of the local Newspapers in the country allow a Foundation to transfer. Orbán, caressed on the CSU-party-days by the Minister of the interior, guardian of the basic law, and umschleimt.


exploded There, but where politics and the media form an Alliance away from democratic values, it will explode at the end of everything. The Brexit, the Europe is just desperate, is created.

He is first the result of underground poor policies, the main responsibility:

the mole-like vision of David Cameron, the populist irresponsibility of Boris Johnson, the elitist of helplessness of Theresa May and, not least, the Europe-hostile to the left nationalism of the Jeremy Corbyn

the Brexit was made possible by a massive Boulevard campaign, a massive media failure. Touched by Murdoch, the “cancer of democracy” and nationalist and a half dachshunds, for example, behind the reactionary newspaper “Daily Mail”.

In social media yet their lies, apparently, using Russian money to a permanent Wuthagel. The British tabloid has rushed the Brexit – but what did and do serious, editorial media such as the BBC?

fear is the core of the media failure

The British Journalist Nick Cohen responds to this question with a merciless counter-question: “What would be the point of a news organization, the fear of journalism?” This is the core of the media failure: fear. If one of those apart, the mithetzen in full of intention, and light the wick.

In a time of economic weakness of traditional media, it not feels from the inside, probably not as fear, but as self-assurance. The whistle in the forest of present-day journalism is simply to continue as before. The escape into the “business as usual”. How could be wrong, what you felt was always right.

The responsibility is defensive, afraid to take the consequences, that is also partly to blame. The authoritarian forces to exploit the quality of the media of liberal democracies in the world, and their reaction deserves to be in the Pschyrembel, under “Stockholm syndrome” in it’s own section.

A mass-media reality

About the reporting on the RAID on the AfD-politician Magnitz. Each editorial team in Germany knows: The AfD is lying, if it fits in the stuff. Otherwise, too, but especially then. However, any journalistic caution was out of the race almost solely on the basis of information from the AfD itself.

Using a social media widespread, bloody photos was created thanks to the German press, editors of a mass-media reality: Kant wood, on the left extreme, is a danger for the democracy. This – the event of untrue or unproven things now remain for always in the semi-attentive minds of those who do not have the luxury to be able the whole day to the media circus to take care of. Office Of The Federal President Of The Temple. Complemented by expressions of solidarity for the AfD of about all. Also from people who were silent, as in bomb attacks and arson attacks on left-wing politics had taken place. It is still unclear what exactly was done by whom exactly.

jumped up, headed by the “image”, most of the quality media from the AfD provided the train “democracy left in danger.” Soon I can re-read how important it is to care, quality before speed, that social media is being manipulated and, therefore, the quality of the media necessarily need this law or that grant.

right need no Fake News when the real News so appearance.

liberal democracy is under threat

Where the processing of this massive journalistic giant failure in favor of the AfD remains, including the consequences? The work-up exists on a small, media-critical page, but what is “image”-title, and dozens of Headlines like “two-by-four and a hood”?

What is the against a Hundred talk shows in which Magnitz as evidence for the harsh climate is referred to be, under the suppression of the massive shift to the right of the sayable deep into the inhumanity? The normalisation of right-wing, right-wing, authoritarian attitudes is the Basis for the success of this policy.

it is the responsibility of the editorial quality of the media around the world: liberal democracy, without which journalism can not exist, is under threat – and so many media to do so, as one could report on it completely value-free. Then free journalism comes out and also value. Of people, the car soon again, to present himself as the “guardian of democracy”.

Always the same Traps

It’s always the same mistakes, they produce the same Fall, you fall. To do here, just a neck in the Form of three very public examples:

False Balance – as there is between a people’s hostile opinion and a non-human enemy opinion a sensible middle. Between “people drowning,” and “people don’t let it drown”, there are no balanced, reasonable attitude. to displace Agenda of Cutting – a convenient topic with newly produced roar from the public perception of 1000 Hamburger: in the White house instead of “Collusion”. Structural minimization to use out of discouragement deceitful cuddly terms. Right-wing extremists, “right-wing populists”, racism is “dissatisfaction”, anti-Semites, “Israel-critics” and open enmity to the “controversial” opinion.

quality media, please Wake up

at All testifies to the word “controversial” out of laziness and lack of courage, with conflicts, as the former pirate Christopher Lauer diagnosed. An American programmer has used the developer interface of the “New York Times” to analyze the reporting to the American President. The result is a little worse than you expected.

Trump came to its choice around more than five Times as often in the Headlines of the major newspaper in the world before Obama’s election. The average value over the first two years is about seven Times as high.

of Course, Trump is doing very, very many things you can’t reports is not . But that’s not the only explanation for the incredible, to every man überforder attention volume, neither in the “New York Times”, yet with so many other quality media.

in a recent example, recognize. The US President had invited a successful sports team. Because alone Trumps radicalism and the support of his Republicans, the government is currently at a standstill, bought Trump supposedly of their own money Burger. All these funny anecdote, anywhere the accompanying photo was published in a great Story. Not.

Because this is not even a good staging took place on the day that it became clear that Trump with a low probability is a puppet of Putin.

Slowly, so very slowly, the values of editorial quality of the media might change in the 21st century. Century arrive and understand how the attention Economy works, how they are exploited and what you can do about it. No need to do that.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.