The young Briton had last week at the age of 18. Birthday the life. After they had not appeared to her birthday party, found the police sniffer dogs in a nearby forest. They left no message.

After the funeral ceremony, family members speak of a moving burial of a "courageous, life-affirming" young woman.

The coffin of Ellie Soutter stands during the funeral ceremony before the Church altar, and covers an on the left-hand and right-hand side of Snowboards with photos of the young Briton.

Ellie Soutters parents Tony (53) and Lorraine Denman (53), Arm-in-Arm, leaning on each other.

The two had separated, when Ellie was a Baby. Eight years ago, father Tony moved in with Ellie, and then to France – your Snowboard to support aspirations.

Tony Soutter spoke about the difficult start-up phase, as father and daughter in 2009, from England, moved to Les Gets: "For the first six months were very hard. Ellie missed her mother and was the French language. However, with your loving personality, you got to know friends easily." Twitter: TeamGB Soutter should go in next month for “Team GB” for the Junior world Cup in new Zealand

The pain of the father is hard to believe. Tony Soutter says: "she was my best friend, my Support. I have lived in for the last 18 years for you. This will remain the best years of my life. Ellie, I’m going to miss you desperately. Ride high in the sky, my angel."

just before Ellie at 27. July 2018 takes life, it is nominated for the British selection for the Snowboard world Cup in new Zealand. The search for reasons for the suicide of the sport of hope.

Soutter was already were for depression

Soutter treated was trained for three years at home, because the trip – and the competitive rigors of their sport with school compatible. Her grandmother says after the funeral, that Ellie had been longer in treatment for depression. Facebook: Tony Soutter Ellie Soutter with her father, Tony

at the beginning of the year had threatened the end of her snowboarding career, as Ellie Soutter because of money, a training had to cancel the camp.

Up to 25,000 Euro in the year of performance sport at Junior level – a sum that could not afford Soutters family at the time.

However, by making a donation at their primary school in England and a campaign on the Internet-Since "GoFundMe" took Ellie.

Tony Soutter says the BBC: "Ellie always wanted to be the Best, and she did not disappoint anyone."

Whether or not the tragic death of the young British has something to do with self-pressure to know Ellie’s parents probably never.


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