the restoration of The sailing school ship “Gorch Fock” is to be more than ten times as expensive as originally planned. How could it come to the cost explosion? The defence Commissioner of the Bundestag, the problems on Chaos in the bureaucracy of the German military. “It gives the impression that the infinite repair history is available for a System of organised irresponsibility”, said Hans-Peter Bartels of the “New osnabrück newspaper”.

The 1958-built three-master will be overhauled for 2016. Originally, ten million euros had been budgeted for the restoration, in the meantime, the costs are estimated to be 135 million euros. Bartels, he told the newspaper: “If everyone should have it all done correctly, then you have to look at what is held in the military bureaucracy for normal.”

Given the explosion in Costs and a corruption suspicion, the Ministry of defense, had ordered a provisional payment to stop. A decision on the future of the ship is to be taken, according to the Ministry only after further tests. “I’m very Worried about the ‘Gorch Fock’,” said defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) the “Rheinische Post”.


There is a lot of open questions at the shipyard. The Prosecutor’s office must clarify the suspicion of corruption as quickly as possible. The Bundeswehr will check internally, all cost calculations, said von der Leyen. “It is only with a clear overall picture, we can make reliable decisions about the future of the ‘Gorch Fock’.”

First of all, there was no direct evidence that corruption and cost increases in a context. Against the staff of the naval Arsenal Wilhelmshaven, which had displayed itself, were investigated. The Prosecutor’s office in Osnabrück was because of the suspicions of corruption are also offices of the Elsflether Werft searches.


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