Retailers-invest-heavily-in fast-delivery-networks
CJ Logistics’ fulfillment center near Seoul deals with products. The company joined hands with an LG affiliate to enable a one-day delivery system amid the virus woes. It plans to expand the services. Photo courtesy of CJ Logistics

Amid the novel coronavirus threats, South Korean companies are heavily investing in the delivery system as spooked consumers continue to avoid offline shopping.

CJ Logistics, the country’s business leader, recently announced that it had launched a one-day delivery system under the business alliance with LG Household & Healthcare.

For those who finish online orders at LG’s website before midnight, CJ Logistics promises delivery on the next day. The previous deadline was almost 10 hours earlier at around 3 p.m.

We have heavily invested in the fulfillment networks in tandem with the fast growth of the domestic e-commerce market,” a CJ official told UPI News Korea.

We plan to further expand the services to increase consumer convenience and expansion of e-commerce.”

The fulfillment networks are designed to offer efficient delivery services by retailers. For example, U.S. giant Amazon provides similar services called fulfillment by Amazon.

When sellers store their products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, the company takes charge of picking, packing, shipping, and providing customer services for them.

Other Korean companies also channel their resources in the delivery system because online sales are surging over the past months due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Coupang, the nation’s top online retailer, is set to enable consumers to get fresh foods in less than 10 hours this year.

When customers make an order for fresh foods before 10 a.m., they will be delivered by 6 p.m., Coupang said.


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