retirement savings over stock should be favoured in the opinion of the Friedrich Merz, one of the three major candidates for the future CDU-Chairman, tax. “We should take advantage of the equity markets, in order to create a better long — term assets and capital formation in the private households”, said the former Union leader of the world on Sunday. Then will be for many people in Germany, the purchase of their home easier. This was an old promise of the CDU.

Merz is Chairman of the Supervisory Board at asset Manager Blackrock Germany. The Germans should invest more money in stocks, could benefit the company. With around 6.4 trillion dollars in investor funds, Blackrock is the largest asset managers in the world. The company is in various industries and sectors one of the most important investors around the globe, and also keeps packages of shares in several large German corporations.

The policy should promote, according to Merz, the financial products, by giving tax incentives. “It is conceivable, an annual free amount, based on the share – based savings or pension plan,” said Merz. “This should not be controls in the old post. Central is that this share package is used exclusively for the old-age security and only then tee put up may be, when the statutory age limit has been reached.”

The Federal budget would be each year, 100 billion euros to stabilize the pension insurance, calculated Merz. “As a small single-digit billion amount, which is obtained in addition would have to be to cope with, if appropriate amounts are introduced to.”

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