For the second Time in a row, has decreased the number of teachers who went into retirement. In the past year, 24.400 verb were retired civil service teachers, as the Federal Statistical office announced on Thursday. The year before, it was still 25.500 teachers.

in order for the retirement from the ebb wave, after 2015 27.900 retirements, the highest value since the beginning of statistical recording in the year 1993 had been reached, write to the statisticians.

The lack of teachers, the fixes, however, since 2006 the annual number of newly retired teachers is very high and will remain so in the coming years. This is due to the fact that until the seventies many teachers were hired to meet the increasing pupil numbers resulting from the so-called baby boom of the postwar years. These teachers stand against now and in retirement.

most of them are doing this prematurely, as the statistics show. Only each fourth teacher last year reached the statutory age limit. The rest were treated on the basis of disability in retirement (12 percent), or retired on their own request prematurely.

on average, teachers were in their Retirement 63,5 years old. The average retirement pension amounted to € 3,200 gross.


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