The Retro circles highly esteemed specialist for replicas of classic Gamepads 8BitDo. Recently, a conversion kit in the program, with which you can make an original Super Nintendo Pad (SNES) wireless Bluetooth Controller The Set is also available for the NES Pads and the controllers of game consoles-new editions of NES Classic Mini and SNES Classic Mini. In addition, 8BitDo offers a version for the Mega-Drive Controller. The Sets cost in the 8BitDo store the equivalent of about 17 Euro. We have tinkered with the Kit for the Controller of the SNES Classic Mini.

Outside old, inside new

In the package are a manual, a screwdriver, a USB charging cable and the circuit Board with the battery and Bluetooth transmitter. Note: A Bluetooth Adapter is not included. These can be order in the Form of the 8BitDo Retro Receiver for around 11 euros. A Computer already supports Bluetooth 4.0, you do not need the Receiver. Also Nintendo’s Switch and many Android devices into direct contact with a modified Controller.

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The conversion is done for the experienced hobbyists in a few minutes: To solve the five screws on the controller with the included screwdriver, remove the wired circuit Board and replaced it with the 8BitDo Board. Done! Too hastily, you should not do this, however, The wires for the shoulder buttons and the battery must turn, under certain circumstances, to the side, so that the case closes properly. Pinching the wires could exit the craft project quickly.

the case of The original controller remains unaffected: The skillful use of the former cable feed-through as the hole for the Status LED and the charging socket power drill and a file unnecessarily. For any future Updates, a Micro-USB socket is located on the circuit Board in the housing is open and accessible.

The small battery lasts a maximum of seven hours by

After a successful conversion, you must turn the Controller on and in Pairing mode. This is done depending on the purpose of use – Computer, console, or Smartphone – using various key combinations, which are described in the quick start guide. As soon as the Status LED is lit continuously, the connection and the Controller is ready for use. Older 8BitDo Retro Receiver need a software update, in order to identify with the DIY-Kit-developed Controller.

When you Play the converted Pad behaves perfectly and is just as precise as the Original. For the consoles from Nintendo’s Classic Mini-series 8BitDo has donated the custom Controller in addition to a small special function: to access the main menu of the retro console, simply press the key combination Select and Backward on the Pad. Otherwise, you would have to get up for it and the Reset -press the button on the console.

The Set includes everything Necessary for the conversion. Fear not: Drilling, you do not need to. The socket for connecting the charging cable after the installation of the Board on the former cable-Opening distance.

The manufacturer’s specified battery life of seven hours is realistic and sufficient, but for long game sessions short. This is due to the design of the Nintendo controller In the enclosure, a plurality of spacers, which complicate the placement of a large battery. Here are the regular 8BitDo points-Controller-replicas with a maturity of approximately 18 hours. The battery of the DIY controller is fully charged after approximately one to two hours.

The extensive Testing we measured an input lag of an average of 25 Milli-seconds (1.5 Frames). This is not the Bluetooth technology due to, but not tragic, because normal players will notice the delay. For comparison: The wireless Controller for the Playstation 4 works with a similar latency. Professional players have to resort to wired controllers.

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conclusion: 8BitDo has once again done all the work: The DIY-Kit is a meaningful expansion of the portfolio of the Controller experts. In practice, it convinces with a sophisticated design. In addition, it is inexpensive and relatively easy to install. Anyone who is annoyed by too short Controller cables and a bit of tinkering, you can access it with a clear Conscience.

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