mistakes make us wiser. My was the M4 GTS. Because of its small M4-brother, I already knew and introduced me to a fun Ride on the race track. Big brothers but are, unfortunately, mercilessly when it comes to the family honour.

Still at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, I beg your pardon. In the future, I keep my stupid mouth shut.

Now BMW strikes back

in other words: The Bavarian super sports is a Declaration of war. After Mercedes with the AMG C 63 S Coupé is a Stealth Bomber full of GT-had hunted Features on the road were BMW disappointed Fans. BMW

The Swabian M4-brought a competitor to the 70 HP more power, and waited with uncompromising innovations from the world of Motorsport. In this Segment, the star was in the lead. Until now. Because of the high-bred M4 GTS is a worthy opponent in a duel the racing car approved for the road.

Only 700 pieces produced

When getting, I belächele the orange roll cage and the fire extinguisher, replace the rear Bank. To much of a Good thing, right? Then I start the engine. After a round, I catch the device in a panic after the radio to the engineers, my thanks to you for the safety measures by expanding setters.

Only 700 units were built of this hell machine. With a hectic Verlenker, the GTS responds very directly, do I the series is almost a copy poorer. And the exclusive.

In 20 seconds to the sun: the BMW 4 series convertible FOCUS Online In 20 seconds from the sun: the BMW 4 series convertible Carbon, as far as the eye

enough About taste, Yes, argue. Except in the case of the presentation of the GTS. Who here has anything to complain, to drink small beer. The M4 GTS is wearing his muscles, in every Detail. Understatement is not his strength. Who minutes, looped with a racing driver and test pilot Jörg Weidinger in just under seven and a half, the Nordschleife, can afford it.

By the Frozen-Dark-Grey coat of paint on its aggressive forms and the forged wheels in Acid Orange to its best advantage. Carbon, as far as the eye can see: hood, roof, rear diffuser and the support tube for instrument panel. Front splitter and rear spoiler, also made of Carbon, are manually adjustable. The trunk lid is made of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic. A compromise diet for the M4 that gives the GTS a nearly utopian power-to-weight.

acceleration is not pressed by the driver in the seat

As he approaches, only externally to be a role model, the M4 MotoGP Safety Car. Under the broad hood of the GTS to push bonds out of the racing for maximum performance. For the first Time water comes in a standard engine fuel injection system. Function: difficult. Depending on temperature, load and speed, the fog is injected into the collector from the suction module and the air intake cools the air down – too complicated for me. BMW

But who does not want to understand, must feel: The radical acceleration pushes me to sit in the shell and shoots me faster out of the corners, as it would allow the German transport network. Fortunately, the electronics to save me: When you Oversteer, the GTS makes the clutch, and catches me again. This COP does not belong at the traffic lights in the inner cities, but in arenas such as the Circuit de Catalunya.

all the copies sold

Allegedly, all of the 700 copies of the BMW M4 GTS have already been sold. Only the hope that there are experienced drivers and no well-heeled newcomers. I’m going in cover.

With a four-cylinder! BMW 7-series Hybrid in the Video, FOCUS Online/Wochit With a four-cylinder! BMW 7-series Hybrid in the Video, BMW

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