In the debate to a faster expulsion of rejected protection seekers, the CSU had said politician Alexander Dobrindt: “It is not acceptable that an aggressive Anti-immigration-industry is aware of the efforts of the rule of law sabotaged and a further risk to the Public will be provoked.” So he caused a heated discussion. Now, the Jury chose the term “Anti-deportation industry” as word of the year.

“such A Statement from a major politician in a party in government shows how the political discourse in terms of language and in the thing to the right has postponed, and thus the predictability of rules in our democracy, worsened change,” said Jury member and linguistics-Professor Nina Janich. The expression “industry” suggesting, also, that the first refugees will be produced.

in addition, the Jury”, people criticized legal fundamentalism” as a cynical expression of Tübingen Lord mayor Boris Palmer. He had him used in the discussion of the sea rescue of refugees from the Mediterranean sea. Also in the coalition agreement of CDU, CSU and SPD that word “anchor center” is a misnomer , because it is capitalizing on in this notation a positive Association of the term “anchor”. Actually, anchor is an abbreviation for “arrival, decision-making, local distribution or Return”.

word of the year since 1991

The action “word of the year” in 1991 and is headquartered in Darmstadt and is referred to as a language-critical Initiative, “the limits of the publicly speakable want to keep reminding the in our society”. The “misnomer”-Jury is in the core of four linguists and journalists. For 2017, they decided to use the term “Alternative facts”, influenced by the then-Trump-consultant Kelly Anne Conway.

The word of the year 2016 was chosen “people’s traitors”, 2015 “do-gooder”, and in 2014 it was the Slogan of the “lying press”. All three terms are mainly used in from the right and racist alliances and people. In 2013, tourism was a “Social” the word of the day, in front of “victim-subscription” (2012) and “kebab murders” (2011).

in addition to this Jury selects of the society for German language (GfdS) in Wiesbaden, the word of the year.


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