they wanted To slaughter her daughter, it said in a Fax to the lawyer Seda Basay-Yildiz, has been represented as a minor applicant, one of the victims ‘ families during the NSU process. Under the Fax of the “NSU 2.0 has signed”. At the same time, five officials of the Frankfurt police were suspended, because you are supposed to have exchanged racist messages to each other. You could be in connection with the Drohbotschaft.

the investigation into The extreme right-wing cell in the security forces is for the Hessian land policy. Currently, their new coalition agreement to negotiate in Hesse, the CDU and the Green. Quite scarce – with only a majority vote can rule the Alliance of Prime Minister Volker Bouffier and his Deputy, Tarek Al-Wazir (Green) after the state election in October. If all goes well.

Why is the case for the Hesse so controversial?

In the state of Hesse, the security authorities were already under suspicion, to cover rights activities: in 2006, was murdered in Kassel, the Internet cafe operator Halit Yozgat in from the right terror group NSU. Months later it turned out that an employee of the Hessian Constitution protection, Andreas T., was probably during the murder in the Café, but at least the immediately previously – allegedly for personal reasons.

came As the police on his trail, he was, at times, even a murder suspect. Later, investigators tried to interrogate informants, with which the Constitution guards had regular contact. At least one of these informants came from the extreme right-wing scene. The interviews, however, were prohibited by the Hessian Minister of the interior. The investigators were allowed to only written questions to the protection of the Constitution to submit.

What unites Prime Minister Bouffier with the topic of NSU?

Volker Bouffier at the time was the Minister of the interior, said the direct questioning of the informants. He was also in the criticism, because he informed the members of the competent intelligence Committee of the Parliament about the presence of the constitutional protector at the scene of the crime. In a public meeting of the Committee Bouffier gave the impression to have self-only from the press of the presence of the constitutional protection in the Café. In fact, he had been informed early about it.

In the case of the current investigation of a possible extreme right-wing group in the Frankfurt police, he felt “strong in the former case, Yozgat recalls,” scolds the SPD-inside politician Günter Rudolph. The state opposition has called for tomorrow, a special session of the interior Committee.

What impact the case could have on the coalition negotiations?

the CDU and the greens want to actually imagine in the next few days the results of your negotiations. The Greens will claim because of your strong voice growth in the choice of a minimum of an additional Ministry. The Ministry of the interior applies to the CDU as an essential core portfolio, however, it is unclear whether the current Minister Peter Beuth (CDU) can keep his Job.

The Hessian Green comment publicly strikingly restrained. Why?

Prior to the completion of the coalition negotiations, the Greens want to avoid, apparently, any provocation. So the Hessian of the Bundestag, Omid Nouripour called for an early-warning system, to be able to right-wing extremism within the police report, at the same time the Outcry of the Green was conspicuously silent. So Nouripour said that there should be in the police force is no place for extremism of any kind. It is also needed to make clear that it was individual people. The existence of a right-wing network for the police he did not want to exclude, but nevertheless.

the Greens are unusually soft tones. The Opposition is accusing the governments lax handling, especially with right-wing extremism in authorities. In the past, but the Greens have made the police with their statements unpopular – for example, as an Ex-party leader Simone Peter, according to the Cologne new year’s eve 2017 “ratio and legality” behind asked, after a total of just under 1000 people checked solely on the basis of their appearance and partly recorded.

In the past year, but the Greens have been known clearly to the police and the security authorities. They wanted to equip the police better, better area structures, for example in the Federal Executive. And eventually you, so you hear want to occupy, and perhaps even a Ministry of the interior.

if it turns out that it is in the extreme right cell of the Frankfurt police is not an isolated case, but part of a larger network, it is for the Green hard to stay in your defensive stance. This can be a burden on the future government’s work.

Could have the scandal impact on the choice of the Prime Minister?

If the new Hessian state Parliament on may 18. To hits January its constituent meeting, it is already exciting: Should have gone with the black-green coalition negotiations, until then, successfully to the end, it is in the Parliament because of the votes-a majority on each of the deputies of the CDU and the Greens. Restlessness can’t have the old and new partners there.

For this restlessness of the internal conflict around the choice of Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer to the new party leader of the Christian Democrats of these days. Country Manager and CDU Vice-Bouffier had internal advertising for Kramp-karrenbauer, which take him many Merz Fans in the traditionally conservative Hessian CDU evil.

in Addition, Bouffier broke the so-called Andean Pact is still active, and the former CDU-politicians, including his Prime Minister predecessor, Roland Koch, who campaigned on the Meeting of the Hessian delegates on the eve of the Hamburg party conference, contrary to the desire of Bouffier for Merz.

now, If the actions of the police in Frankfurt strain of the black-green Start, in addition, could be the Bouffier-choice only right to the nail-biter.

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