The escalation of violence in Chemnitz in August could have been prevented, according to SPIEGEL research. Thus, the Saxon protection of the Constitution has the police in advance of a Demo on the 27. August prepare clearly warned of violent right-wing extremists; the day before the Chemnitzer Daniel had been stabbed Hillig, alleged asylum seekers (click here to read the whole story at SPIEGEL+).

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According to the LEVEL of the domestic meadow falsified intelligence in a three-page internal Letter to our rights, football, and martial arts groups, and a “very high Emotional level”. Of the manslaughter of Chemnitz will be seen as “a welcome occasion for renewed physical clashes and targeted confrontations with refugees, asylum seekers and political opponents”. The written warning but remained, apparently, first of all, several hours worked in the police Department in Chemnitz.

warnings from the police authorities of the Federal territory, such as from an internal location to film the police. Officials in Thuringia, reported by a man who mobilize for Chemnitz and allegedly access to 6000 Skinheads have. The police in Baden-Württemberg registered to Arrive from Switzerland and France.

Nevertheless, the Exeter police at first called for no gain. As the situation escalated, there were no additional police officers more available. MIRROR-like, show research, in addition, there were apparently Connections between the alleged terrorist group “Revolution Chemnitz” and the protests of the “citizens’ movement Pro Chemnitz”.

the attorney General defendants to the 14. September as folders in a Pro Chemnitz logged-in Demo, be active; thus he says it in a hearing. In police records he is listed as “politically motivated offenders the right”. Pro Chemnitz doubted on demand; the folder would be checked by the police and ex-Offenders not allowed.

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