The risks – they are scientifically well documented – ranging from respiratory diseases, diseases of the lungs using cancer disorders to cardiovascular.

nicotine, benzene, tar, and heavy metals are deep

In a hookah special Shisha tobacco is by using a piece of charcoal, in the 100 degree Celsius waste world inhaled. The resulting tobacco smoke vessel by the column of smoke of the hookah, the water and the hose and inhaled. The water in a hookah filters out only a few water-soluble substances from the tobacco smoke. In the smoke contained harmful substances such as nicotine, benzene and tar, however, get unfiltered into the lungs.

By the water cools the tobacco smoke, can be inhaled, the smoke even deeper. The carcinogenic, the smoke contains substances that can penetrate in this way, particularly deep in the lung tissue and even the smallest pulmonary vessels damage. The Shisha is Smoking in addition, especially a lot of tar added, because during Heating of the charcoal in addition, tar and heavy metals.

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