do you Remember Björn Engholm? The former Minister-President of Schleswig-Holstein and publishers of books with titles like “The future of leisure”?

in the meantime, the candidate for Chancellor became a political scientist, which sounded always Talk as if you have written to Herman van Veen, referred to the “sensitive potentials” in the country. He mistakenly Lessing, instead of Fontane sentence attributed to you should think with the heart and the head feel, he understood not as self-incrimination, but as a compliment.

Habeck provides even Claudia Roth in the shadows

Engholm is back, and thus the enslavement of the head to feeling of purposes. Engholm, Robert Habeck is now. No politician knows better than to let his performances sound as if he had just said something terribly Important, even if you can recognize when you Read that it was Felt. The audience is still at the feet, in particular, the journalistic.

I had made, not to mention Habeck. I have stoically accepted his Twitter farewell, and the subsequent referral of all to me accessible to the media with this event. I ignored his self-explanation of how the Evil had nearly taken possession of him, which is why he renounce the social media, and bravely noted that he was in the year 2018, the most of the invited politicians in German talk shows.

At the weekend presented me with the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper”, the Federal Chairman of the Green on a whole page in the conversation to the question of why he’d rather write a good book than spend his time on the net. It was too much. A look at a Habeck-Interview work for me as for him a look at the comment Apps in the mobile phone: It triggers the affects.

I held Claudia Roth (“How am I supposed to make social policy, if I feel nothing?”) for a visitation or Katrin Göring-Eckardt, the woman who speaks with the bees. Habeck puts all in the shade. No one epitomizes the politician as an emotion alien traders convincing as the man from the coast. No rush, not with him to-medium Gold, no stone that does not break due to the soft water of his speech in pieces.

directly in the I and You

What is the party leader of the Greens answer to the question, what is driving him? “What I have a passion, is to give sensible Interviews, not to write blog posts that just repeat the party program, to write a book, if I have the strength and time, and straight to the point: the debate, if you can look each other in the eye.” Most politicians are lucky if you can go to the voters and the Hand shake. Habeck met him between the Interview and the book at eye level, directly in the I and You. Which he makes it.

Where do you learn to talk like that? Since twelve years of Waldorf plus Montessori is not enough time, and Habeck was not even in a Waldorf school. Answer in the “Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper” what has disturbed him most about Twitter: “The well-Balanced, Thoughtful, and Related to each other, there is no room.” Question of the editors, whether he shall give up on talk shows? “No, because I would like to see, however, that there was more to substantive issues.”

Clearly, you can think of: If there is someone of Dr. Robert Habeck abhors superficiality, then. Therefore, you may not be in the talk show editors also grateful that he raises your shipments from the shallowness and predictability of the political Klein Kleins.

No dark thought

Habecks only weakness is the absence of every dark thought is, if you will. In the Newspapers his Twitter-departure as a story of a man who was led by the Evil one in the temptation. But this is a misunderstanding. Habeck has no black core, you could bring out. The greatest evil to which he is able to are a couple of unfortunate statements that others might find offensive.

Once he has cracked the joke that Bayern will return after the end of the reign of the CSU to democracy. The other Times he has wished the Thuringians, that they would be a bit more open to the world – not beautiful in the election campaign. But on the other hand, pretty much exactly what thinks the majority of his followers.

No big deal, I’d say. But you can’t see the things, if you feel committed to the Thoughtful and Related to each other. Since radical consequences””. Just imagine what happened if Habeck would be caught at the wheel of a Porsche. Or, God may prevent, in the case of a prejudice against Strangers. The Newspapers would have to print special inserts to make its self-indictment of the place.

What fascinates me about Habeck the most is the goodwill of large parts of the media operation. It is said that journalism is the profession of people, which you can’t do anything right. Even mother Teresa Contrary. The man from the North all find, in principle, great. Habeck even manages to let his co-chair was pale look, without anyone take that amiss.

It’s probably just a bad misconception that journalists are all the skeptics and cynics. Also we journalists we long for, deep inside, love and security. Or, to speak with Robert Habeck: the debate, when you can look the other in the eyes.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.