US President Donald Trump has commented in the Russia affair, to special investigator Robert Mueller. Trump have in writing responded to questions about a possible Russian influence on the US election in 2016, said his attorney, Rudy Giuliani. Thus, the U.S. President had shown an “unprecedented level of cooperation”.

Mueller had sent the questions a few months ago at Trump. He goes after since 2017, the question is whether the campaign team has worked together for the last presidential election secretly with Russia to influence the outcome to his favor. Both sides deny the allegations, Trump described the investigation repeatedly as a “political witch hunt”.

to get the answers to the US President, have admitted to investigators on some compromises. Mueller wanted to ask the US President actually personally, however, trump’s lawyers, however, resisted so far. In addition, the questions should also deal with whether Trump tried to hinder the investigation – for example, by he fired in may of 2017, the then-FBI Director James Comey. These questions have now been omitted, however. A possible obstruction of justice can be examined later, said Mueller.

Trump had confirmed in the past week in front of reporters that he had written the answers to Mueller’s questions. To wool the allegations of obstruction of Justice he will take no position. “I think that we have already wasted enough time with this witch hunt.”

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