wish the Aibo in the future, in the budget on patrol. Sony announced on Wednesday in Japan that the owner of the Roboterhunds soon be able to define individual areas in the living rooms, to watch the Aibo certain times. The with cameras and microphones equipped mechanical toy can remember according to Sony, up to ten faces and so residents recognize.

As the Basis for the new Aibo created first, with his camera, a Plan of the rooms. His owner can send the Aibo information about the situation at home to the Smartphone, Sony has teamed up with security company Secom.

“you can check how far living family members, or what children do when they come home,” said project Manager Izumi Kawanishi in front of journalists. “We want you to feel comfortable through life with Aibo is a bit safer and at the same time have fun.” Sony speaks in this context of “Securitainment”.

Aibo-robot dogs

New opportunities for developers

In a limited edition of the group now sells a Aibo in shades of brown, to see a Beagle in a similar way. So far, the robot dogs were only available in grey. Sony had brought the latest Aibo-Version in November 2017 on the market more than a decade after the Original model was discontinued.

In Japan, the Aibo costs 198.000 Yen (about 1600 Euro), in the USA, around 2900 dollars (around 2500 Euro). In addition to the sale price Sony wants to earn over the life time of the robot dog also by subscription offers money. A Aibo-market introduction in Europe has been in for more details of this, however, is not known.


compared to The Original model can interact with the Aibo-new edition, among other things, better with the owners. So the Aibo robot detects a Smile or words of praise and thanks to Sensors also Caress on the head or back. In addition, the Mini-robot can adapt using artificial intelligence to be a behavior to the reactions of people.


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