Analysis. They have won their freedom at the price of their life in 1989, but many of the countries of central and eastern Europe awaken the demons of the past. After slip anti-democratic in Poland and in Hungary, the rule of law is also being questioned in Romania. The social democratic government in place since 2016 is taking on the justice and undermines democracy in romania.

The brussels bodies are concerned about the blunders of Romania, a country which must assume, from the 1st January 2019, the six-month rotating presidency of the european Union (EU). “A lot of Romanians are worried about changes in the legal framework that could weaken the fight against corruption and the independence of the judiciary, said on 1 October, the vice-president of the european Commission, Frans Timmermans. These concerns are shared by the Commission. If it turns out that the rules are not respected, we will not hesitate to convene a meeting of the Romanian government before the european authorities. “

Invited to Brussels on 3 October in the european Parliament, the first minister of romania, Viorica Dancila, expressed its indignation in the face of european pressure. “I tell you for starters that I’m not coming here to make you aware of anything, she declared to members of the european parliament gathered in plenary session. In Romania, we are in the process of building a true justice for the citizens. “A statement that assumes that Ms. Dancila.

“They want to protect their past, their present and their future”

The majority of Romanians do not trust the promises of a government challenged in the street. Their anger dates back to February 2017, when the government attempted to stop the campaign of anti-corruption led by the young attorneys of the prosecutor of the national anti-corruption (DNA). The success of these…

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