The European Union wants to help the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, to save their Brexit Deal to prevent a chaotic withdrawal of Britain in March. “The question is how,” wrote the EU-great-grandson Donald Tusk on Twitter.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel ruled out renegotiations of the outlet Treaty with great Britain. However, the Chancellor indicated that there might be a solution. May looks at the EU’s good will and want to continue to fight for concessions.

In the highest political distress, the Prime Minister flew in on Tuesday across half of Europe and not only Merkel, but also the Dutch Prime Minister met with Rutte, Mark, and later in Brussels, Tusk and Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

the Background of the rescue mission was the cancellation of the originally scheduled for Tuesday evening planned Brexit-decision in the British house of Commons. May together got there, not a majority and wants to reach now by means of new “assurances” of the EU. The new vote date is prior to the 21. January.

vote of censure against May?

The Conservatives in the Parliament are convinced, however, that there will be a party internal vote of no confidence against the head of government. The necessary Quorum of 48 votes is likely to be reached, the BBC reported on Tuesday citing several insiders, including senior representatives of the Conservative party and a member of the government.

Graham Brady, the Chairman of the for a vote of confidence in the competent party Committee, have asked May to have a Meeting on Wednesday, wrote the political editor of the BBC on Twitter.

in mid-November, it looked as if should May a vote among your colleagues in the group. The required number of letters was, however, not been achieved, contrary to the statements of some of Brexit-hard-liners in Mays party.

the main point of contention in the UK is still the EU demanded a guarantee for an open border between the EU-state of Ireland and British Northern Ireland, the so-called Backstop. Brexit advocates fear that in the exit contract provided for a solution to the UK binds to duration closely to the EU. You want a time limit. The has rejected the EU but always.

Merkel confirmed according to dpa information at the meeting of the Union group, that the Backstop of the Central sticking point. It is now a question of whether the United Kingdom could be given more security for the case that the country is stuck in a phase of economic policy will not be able to. For this case, May search support. Great-grandson Tusk tweeted after his conversation with May in the evening: “that the EU27 would like to help.”

“Only the beginning of negotiations”

May British broadcasters said on the evening, you can see both sides of the Effort to make the Brexit agreement for the British Parliament to be acceptable. At the talks, it went to the Backstop. There is a “shared determination on this matter and to deal with this Problem,” said May. Your goal is that the Backstop will be used if at all only for a limited time. “It is this return insurance, I want to have,” said May.

she had, but also realize that she is still on the target. This is “only the beginning of the negotiations,” she said. On Wednesday, they will travel to the Irish Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar.

As Angela Merkel, the EU leaders and the major parties in the European Parliament Changes to the 585 pages of Brexit reject the agreement. “Everyone needs to know that the withdrawal of the contract will not be opened again,” said Juncker in the European Parliament. For “clarifications” he pointed but open. It’ll give the game space without changing the agreement itself.

The EU could assure May, according to diplomats in a separate statement that they would jointly try everything, the Backstop will never apply. The CDU MEP Elmar Brok said, maybe you could make it clear that the Backstop is not a “bad Trick”. Whether such assurances are sufficient to ensure May be a majority, however, is questionable.

“running out of time”

Because of the totally confused situation, the worry that an unregulated is now growing again apply, and probably chaotic Brexit on the 29. March 2019. Minister of state for Europe Michael Roth warned in Brussels that “The time is running out. All the Parties know.” The EU side had to prepare for everything, even to a separation without a contract.

The trade associations BDI and DIHK turned against the Brexit package to reopen. The President of a large trade Association BGA, Holger Bing man, but warned of the SWR in front of a “totally chaotic disaster scenario”. The European business Association BUSINESSEUROPE complained: “Every day of uncertainty costs businesses money.” Companies prepared for a chaotic Brexit. But Europe was not ready for a No-Deal scenario is sufficient.

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