In the year 2007 belonged to Royston Drenthe to the strong Dutch Team in the UEFA European under-21 won EM. The Dutch talent was in demand back then, Real Madrid have committed to Drenthe from Feyenoord. He has not played poorly at his new club, came in 46 games spread over three seasons and came up several times in the “Clásico”, where he took Lionel Messi in man coverage, and from the Argentine, according to his own statement, as a “Negro” was, after all, the FC Barcelona categorically denies the.

However, the success achieved Drenthe, before this was ready for that. As of 2010, his descent began, and always less important clubs in Russia, Turkey and England. With 29 years of Drenthe, then got out from the football. He had earned enough money and returned to Rotterdam, in the hometown of his father, had been killed in the drug scene, as his son was still a toddler. There, Royston began in Drenthe to his new life as a Rapper Roya2Faces.

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Drenthe made Hip Hop Songs, adopted from the healthy professional athlete’s life and was devoted to his six children he had with different women. But that filled him. Roya2Faces realized that he loved football.

He was going to be Overweight again and persuaded last summer, Sparta Rotterdam, to take him in, at the age of 31. Since then Royston Drenthe is the Sensation of the second League. He edited the complete left side and has made his younger team-mates stronger.

With Drenthe is Sparta now on the table. He enjoys it as well, to play in front of 1500 spectators, as in the Bernabéu aground, he says. And if Sparta is at the end of the first, wants to Royston Drenthe, a master-Rap-Song out of it. It is only now as properly.

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