In the city of Anchorage in the U.S. state of Alaska, wanders for seven months, a runaway cow through a roughly 16-square-mile area of the forest. As her owner, Frank Koloski told in conversation with the dpa, was gone “Betsy” last June out of her shed – just a day after the Rodeo rider had bought it.

The fate of “your Betsy’s” in the USA is now the subject of reporting in national media. Among other things, the transmitter USA Today reported that the “Washington Post” was devoted to the topic in detail. The newspaper said Koloski, he was so exhausted, because he was looking for day in and day out to the animal.

He also sent in the past few months, again and again, the Cowboys, the three-year-old animal to capture, without success. “Betsy” was created in the forest “a new home”, says the 47-Year-old of the dpa. The area is crisscrossed by Hiking trails, and is used in Winter by skiers. Even in the cold Season in the forest many feed and water sources, says Koloski.

“she roams at the moment just the area, she enjoys her life in a Ski Resort, on beautiful trails, in a beautiful city.” He wanted to get back home to her herd.

a Lot of tips, but no success

Koloski is a lot of evidence of people from the surrounding area. “The long-runners were incredibly helpful,” he says. In a local Facebook group Koloski has deposited his phone number, so he is in doubt, quickly accessible. “You call me, whether day or night.”

At the end of Koloski would have to be but even at the right time in the right place: “I don’t expect you to take a rope and my cow with the help of the Lasso.” The last had been looking for according to the newspaper, the “Anchorage Daily News” even the police unsuccessfully with a drone to “Betsy”.

If he gets the cow ever? Koloski has not given up hope: “I hope she shows up sometime in an area that is easily accessible.” Then he wanted to lure you in with the help of cattle. “This is definitely a big hustle and bustle – but that’s okay.”

Not only in the media, in the social networks Betsy is “” in the meantime, theme – and is celebrated by users as a kind of resistance fighter. “Run ‘Betsy’, Run!”, wrote, for example, a user. Another commented: “I will never fire someone so much as ‘Betsy’, the runaway Rodeo-cow.”


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