Russia-investigation – “Michael Flynn has done substantial assistance” Donald trump’s former security adviser, have made a major contribution to the Russia-investigations, said special investigator Robert Mueller. Therefore, he was against a prison sentence for Flynn. © Photo: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

In Russia, the affair has not recommended that FBI special investigator Robert Mueller of the court to detain the former National security Advisor, Michael Flynn. As a reason, Mueller said in his in a Federal court in Washington filed criminal recommendation, the “significant support” of the former adviser of US President Donald Trump with the investigation. Mueller investigated whether there were in the U.S. presidential election in 2016, the collusion between the Trump camp and representatives of Russia.

In a supplementary document to the criminal recommendation from the information that Flynn gave to the investigators. This document is redacted in the substantive Parts. The document States that Flynn met 19 times with the special investigators or prosecutors and, among other things, the documents handed over.

Flynn had about a year ago, pleaded guilty in FBI interrogations deliberately false information about contacts with the former Russian Ambassador to the USA Sergey Kisljak. With Kisljak Flynn spoke in December 2016 illegally on US sanctions against Moscow and was an upcoming vote on a UN Resolution on Israel’s settlement policy, although at this time Trumps predecessors, Barack Obama is still in office.

Mueller called Flynn’s cooperation as a “particularly valuable”

In the additional document of Mueller’s said, several high-ranking members of trump’s transition team, the office prepared, have publicly repeated false information that Flynn had sent to you. Flynn had at an early stage to cooperate with the special investigators, which, because of its first-Hand experience “of particular value”.

According to U.S. media reports, Flynn would have faced a prison sentence of up to five years. Because of the cooperation of Mueller Flynn or a maximum of six months had made in the prospect of having to either not go to prison. In Mueller’s penalty recommendation, it was now, because of the support of the defendant a penalty is attached to the lower end of this range, “including a penalty, imposed no prison time”. According to media reports, the court wants to on 18. December a judgment.

Short explains How to threat the Russia-investigations for Donald Trump? Russian Electoral manipulation, secret Deals, obstruction of Justice: Robert Mueller’s investigation will approach the White house. The progress of the investigation, briefly explained in the Video

The Trump Adviser Roger Stone sent to the Senate judiciary Committee, meanwhile, announce that he would not stand there to answer all and any documents handed over. Stone cited his constitutional right to refuse to make a statement. This is the Monday dated letter from the Stones ‘ lawyer, democratic Senator Diane Feinstein, published. Trump had praised Stone on Monday, not to testify.

On Thursday of last week, trump had Trump added longtime Confidant and lawyer Michael Cohen, to have the Congress at its Russia-investigation of a planned real estate deal Trumps in Moscow lied – out of loyalty. Also Cohen is cooperating with special Prosecutor Mueller.

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