US President Donald Trump has granted according to his lawyer, for much longer with a high-rise project in Moscow is concerned than in the past. Trump had led to October or November, 2016 with his former lawyer, Michael Cohen talks about the project, said Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, the U.S. channel NBC. It didn’t give many interviews, “but there were conversations”.

Giuliani’s statement means that Trump up to the presidential election in November 2016, with the project concerned, which was not ultimately implemented. Cohen was sentenced in December to three years in prison, among other things, due to his false statements to the Congress. Trump’s Ex-lawyer had told the committees, the project of a high-rise tower with luxury apartments in Moscow had already been in January 2016, and buried, before the start of the Republican primaries.

Rudy Giuliani

Later, to was Cohen wrong statements: Contrary to his original statements, the Trump Tower is to be followed with the project until June 2016, up to a point, as Trump is already as good as safe for the Republican presidential candidate. With Giuliani’s statements from the Sunday, it is clear that the discussions went longer.

The chronology is controversial, as it is a question of whether Trump pursued still at an advanced Phase of his election campaign, business interests in Russia – which, in turn, could have its political attitude towards Moscow’s influence.

Giuliani: All questions of Mueller comprising

answers In the news channel CNN, said a lawyer, Giuliani, Trump was involved in during the election campaign, hardly more with the high-rise building project – he had simply no time. Instead, Cohen had driven the project forward. According to Giuliani’s Trump has responded comprehensively to questions from the special investigator Robert Mueller of the construction project.

Mueller is investigating whether there is a Russian influence on the presidential election in 2016, and whether there has been collusion between Russia and trump’s campaign team. Trump and the government in Moscow have denied such allegations.

Robert Mueller

at the end of last week, the US reported news site “Buzzfeed,” Trump had instigated Cohen for false testimony in Congress. Special investigator Mueller dismissed the report on Friday. The presentation of “specific communications to the office of the special investigator,” as well as “the description of documents and witness statements” received by the office regarding the testimony of Cohen prior to the Congress, not to be “right,” said a spokesman for Mueller’s.

Trump called the accusations a lie. His lawyer, Giuliani dismissed the accusations as “categorically false”. Trump had advised Cohen to tell the truth.

“Buzzfeed” remains in its presentation. Editor-in-chief Ben Smith wrote on Twitter, we stand by the report, and to his informant. Mueller to clarify his information.


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