Donald Trump device in the Russia affair, is increasingly under pressure: The US President is said to have incited his former attorney Michael Cohen to lie to the Congress. The U.S. news website “Buzzfeed reported,” and refers to two in particular-called investigators.

Therefore, says Cohen, in talks with the office of special investigator Robert Mueller, the President had instructed him to deceive the Congress about the important facts that Trumps Russia is related to transactions during the election campaign. The White house has not yet reacted to the report.

U.S. Democrats reacted indignant. If the report is voice, there must be an investigation. The allegations against Trump were the most serious in the Russia affair, wrote to the Deputy Adam Schiff on Twitter. His party colleague Joaquín Castro went even further: “If the Buzzfeed story, would President Trump to resign or impeachment proceedings should be initiated,” wrote the Democrat on Twitter.

trump’s Ex-lawyer had already admitted in November 2018, compared to the U.S. district court in New York to have his and Trumps business in Russia contacts lie. According to Cohen, he has entertained as a Vice-President of trump’s real estate company still in the midst of the election campaign of 2016, in close contact with Russian people and staff from President Vladimir Putin to the possible construction of a Trump-apartment house in Moscow.

Michael Cohen, Donald Trump (file photo from September 2016)

Among other things, he contacted in the early summer of 2016, the office of Putin’s press spokesman. Even a trip to Russia was planned. Also he taught Donald Trump and other members of the Trump family on the progress of the project.

Trump tried in November, to discredit Cohen as a witness. This was a notorious liar and a “weak Person,” said the President. At the same time, he tried to, the thing to downplay: “There was the risk that I will not win the election. Then I would have gone back into the company, why I should use me so opportunities for good business.”

According to “Buzzfeed” has special investigator Mueller more evidence for the instigation of Trumps than Cohen’s statement. Accordingly, the investigators had numerous testimonies from Trumps company, internal company emails, SMS, and a range of other documents.


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