The FBI agent, more than two dozen, came before the dawn, with body Armor, night vision goggles and heavily armed. They scurried through the front yard and beat on the front door: “FBI! Open the door!” Finally, a man opened it.

With this film, scene, tyre, captured by CNN cameras, which began on Friday, the latest Chapter in the Saga to US President Donald Trump and the Russia affair: In the order by special investigator Robert Mueller, the FBI arrested in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, one of the oldest political Advisor Trumps, the strategists Roger Stone.

Six hours later, the Stone was presented to, 66, a judge. He came up against a bail of 250,000 dollars, and stood then grinning in front of the Reporter. He was “not guilty,” he said with a loud roar of onlookers. If it were “politically motivated investigations”. In an Instagram Post, he accused Mueller and the FBI “Gestapo methods”.


Mueller throws a Stone in the 23-page indictment, the U.S. Congress has been lied to, to cover up his involvement in the Russia affair. The release of compromising E-Mails from the Democrats during the election campaign of 2016. These E-Mails had been hacked by Russia and then by the unveiling platform WikiLeaks published. Stone wants to advance have known about it.

The indictment focuses only on the allegation that Stone was trying to cover up his role later. Nevertheless, they also revealed new Details about his alleged connection to WikiLeaks – quasi as a contact man to the Trump Team.

As with previous revelations, the White house is trying to distance themselves from the current defendants. “The allegations that have been levied against Mr. Stone, have nothing to do with the President,” insisted Trump spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders. The Trump Name appears in the current indictment, however, a total of 20 times.

“the Largest witch-hunt in the history of our country!” tweeted Trump. “Who has informed CNN in advance that you could be?”

Who Roger Stone is?

Roger Stone

Stone has been active for decades as a puppet master for the American Conservative. Behind his always-neat appearance – tailored suit, pocket square, hair gel – were often dubious means: He denounced, he spread rumors that he orchestrated sex scandals. Known as a “Dirty Trickster” and “political Hitman”, intrigued he been for Richard Nixon, whose face he could on the back tattoo. After the election stalemate between George W. Bush and Al Gore in 2000, he tried to manipulate the “Recount” in Florida. Most of it he did quite openly: “It is better, if the people, he said a talk, not a talk,” once.

What Stone has to do with Trump?

trump’s previous Bankruptcy Casino

Stone and Trump are old friends. In the eighties, Stone founded with Paul Manafort, Trumps a later election campaign chief, a lobbying firm in Washington. He also learned a Trump, and Casino projects he slammed at the time by the approval authorities. Stone suggested that Trump, for the first time in 1998, to run for President. As Trump made this seriously in 2015, he joined his Team, left it, however after a short time again, at least officially. Unofficially, he remained a consultant, hoofed it through the TV cable channels and kept personal contacts with the candidate in an upright position.

What to do has Stone with the Russia affair?

Trump and Clinton in the election campaign, 2016

in the Middle of the election campaign in 2016 and shortly after had met trump’s Top consultants with a Russian Having in the Trump Tower – has published the WikiLeaks revelations of thousands of Russia’s hacked E-Mails from the Democrats. Stone boasted at the time to have in advance of the E-Mails knew, and announced further. According to the indictment, he should have been with a “senior adviser” Trumps communicates. According to information from the “New York Times” it was trump’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon. This was instructed according to Mueller, in turn, “” to contact with the Stone in contact. By whom? The US media touch on Trump.

Why was Stone now?

Stone court

special investigator Mueller Stone obstruction of Justice, perjury and Witness tampering before the throws. He is said to have lied in front of the intelligence Committee of the US house of representatives under oath about his WikiLeaks contacts, and later a mutßmaßlichen middle man is also urged to include a note on the Film “The godfather – part II”, in which a key witness against the mob refused to his statement in the very last Moment. Stone himself declares that he will not force “a false witness against Donald Trump”. The trump’s Ex-lawyer Michael Cohen, who is cooperating today, Mueller said.

What does this mean for the Mueller-Emittlungen?

Robert Mueller

justice observers see here a potential building block of a larger indictment of the Trump Team and possibly against Trump himself. Mueller to find out whether the election was coordinated manipulation by Russia and other actors with the Trump Team, and if so, how. He also investigated cases of alleged Attempts of the subsequent cover-up and obstruction of Justice. Mueller has since indicted 34 people out of Trumps environment – even if not because of specific Russia-Offense, but because of other allegations, such as perjury, obstruction of Justice and tax fraud. Six well-known since guilty and cooperate with Mueller.

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