This flight will not forget the passengers so quickly: A racist incident in a Ryanair plane, Europe’s biggest, brings a no-frills Airline in expository. A man is berated in a machine, a 77-year-old woman loudly, among other things as “ugly black Bastard”. The pöbelnde passenger but was not ejected from the plane at the Airport of Barcelona. Instead, the victim was converted at his own request.

The man insulted the surge, the woman, in a speech, because the frail Elderly woman was not able to make him seem fast enough space. When she answered him in English with a Jamaican accent, cried the passenger: “talk to me in a foreign language, you stupid, ugly cow.” The Elderly woman responded to the mob man by saying that he must stink, and wash.

A neighbor had filmed the incident on last Friday, just before the departure to London. The Video quickly spread in social networks and triggered massive criticism of the Irish airline. In the Clip, a flight attendant is to see that the Elderly woman was supported by her daughter and another passenger, but on request only tentatively engaged.

“don’t Be so rough. You need to calm down,“ said the flight attendant to the Pöbler. Call of passengers, to bring him out of the plane, not the crew member.

“would be called If I, or someone else with black skin would have behaved so, the police, and we would be fired,” said the 53-year-old daughter of the attacked woman in the “Huffington Post”. The Crew have their recommended only to complain to the customer service.

According to the daughter of the Elderly woman of the Windrush Generation belongs to, and came at the invitation of the government in the 60s to Work from Jamaica to the UK. The Windrush Generation is named for a passenger ship, with the first immigrants from the Caribbean to England, had been taken. The 77-Year-old had travelled on the occasion of the first death anniversary of her husband to distraction to Spain, as the daughter told.

Ryanair reported the incident to the police

“We are aware of the Video and reported the incident to the police in Essex”, wrote to Ryanair on Sunday on Twitter. You are not going to comment on the incident, informed the Airline at the request of the dpa news Agency. A police spokesman confirmed: “We work closely with Ryanair and the Spanish authorities in the investigation.”

The incident aggravated the image problem of the Airline, are accused of low wages and poor working conditions. The company has to digest the first profit decline in five years. As Ryanair announced on Monday in Dublin, and decreased the profit in the first half of the fiscal year by seven percent to 1.20 billion euros. As reasons, the Airline strikes, high fuel prices, lower ticket prices and compensation payments due to the EU air passenger rights.

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