Brutal good: started As Ryoyu Kobayashi his jump in the second round, was stranded with his only competitor to the four hills tournament a long time in the Mixed Zone. The winning jump by Kobayashi on 131 meters left Eisenbichler in the daily standings of the course twelve to thirteen slides. Really disappointed, the German seemed not to be but, rather, admiration language for its competitors out of him: “Kobayashi is just brutal,” said Eisenbichler in the ARD Interview.

result: Kobayashi won the Jump on the Bergisel ski jump in front of Stefan Kraft and Andreas Stjernen. Click here for the message.

the witch: a 17,200 spectators watched the Jump from the venerable Bergisel ski jump. And the Austrians Stefan Kraft delivered. With jumps on 129.5 m and 130,5 metres, he allowed his Fans for even a second from the win of the day dream. A knight stood up and said unfortunately, Kobayashi.

crash: in Front of Markus eisenbichler will Jump in Innsbruck, missing only 2.6 points on the tour leading Ryoyu Kobayashi. In Wide, the equivalent of only 1.3 meters. After 129 and 123.5 meters, the theme tour, the victory for iron Bichler is done probably.

Markus Eisenbichler

departure: Kobayashi is in the overall table of 45.5 points ahead of second-placed Eisenbichler, or to make it visual: approximately 25.5 meters. Accordingly, much would have to in the case of Kobayashi in the final of the four-hills-tournament in Bischofshofen jump hofen on Sunday (17 p.m., TV: The FIRST, live Ticker MIRROR ONLINE) slate and iron Bichler run properly, would like to attack the German but for the Golden trophy.

Luke up: Due to the continuing Tailwind of the bar, of the the Springer to start in the direction of the jump table has been set, before the jump of Kamil Stoch, calls Luke three. Stoch flew then, 131 meters, and was able to save the landing with difficulty before a fall. In view of the following Topspringer the Tournament Committee responded to Walter Hofer and went back to Luke one of the the majority of the Springer started.

Ryoyu Kobayashi

Luke: The jump in violence of the tour leading Ryoyu Kobayashi led the person responsible, the reset start-up hatch in front of the jump on Luke to zero down. Maybe Kobayashi would be at the same focal distance as Stoch from the stadium and directly to the fourth Jumping of the four hills tournament Bischofshofen flown.

By the decision of the Tournament Committee, the hill record of Michael Hayboeck from the year 2015. Of the Austrians was at the time, jumped 138 metres. Kobayashi in the first round already 136,5 meters. A rogue who thinks Evil of it.

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