In a letter to Prime Minister, Stephan Weil, Ernst August, Prince of Hanover, practiced massive criticism of the between the Land of lower Saxony, and his son agreed the sale of Shot Marie castle for a symbolic price of one Euro. The MIRROR reported in its latest issue, the Writing and other letters. (Click here to read the whole story at SPIEGEL+.)

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He had to impose the “no understanding”, “to the taxpayer the burden of preservation”, – stated in the Letter of 3. December. The heir of the castle of Ernst August, hereditary Prince of Hanover, he had “adequate supplies” in order to Finance the preservation. His son was, “like all the generations before him”, quite able to bear the costs for the preservation of the castle.


As reported by the MIRROR, the 35-year-old son, the father on the 29. November about the details of the planned castle sale informed. In the five-page Letter of Ernst August junior reported of high levels of debt that have accumulated in the operating company, EAC GmbH under the direction of the Guelphs. There is a Bank financing in the amount of 500,000 euros. In addition, it is a matter of “loss financing” and “consulting expenses” for the project, Marie castle. Overall, the EAC have made since 2011, about two million euros in losses.

Ernst August, hereditary Prince of Hanover (photo from 2014)

Since the fiscal year of 2014, the financial management is no longer a “for profit”. The EAC GmbH should be handled. With the state of lower Saxony, Ernst August junior has agreed, therefore, the sale of 100 art and cultural objects, among other things, the Foundation of lower Saxony and the lower Saxony savings Bank Foundation – this is to compensate for the loss of the Prince. If not enough money comes together, the supplementary agreement to the sale Castle, to Ernst August junior will receive a portion of the lease revenue from the future castle operator.

Prince Ernst August of Hanover (photo by 2018)

between The provincial government and the Prince negotiated the sale of the property to a low-Saxon Foundation is politically highly controversial. Because in the 19th century. Century in the style of a neo-Gothic castle built, castle Malbork castle is dilapidated. It is to be renovated for a total of 27 million Euro with funds from the Federal government and the state of lower Saxony.

lower Saxony has stopped the sale until the Guelphs have solved your family dispute.

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